Stone Soup for Five: How Satan encourages us to sin--Method 5

How Satan encourages us to sin--Method 5

Continuing our study of Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices, Puritan pastor Thomas Brooks lists the fifth method that Satan uses to encourage us to sin:

Satan wants us to think of God as fully made up of mercy and forget about God's justice and holiness.

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Questions to pray and journal through:

1.  Look up Jeremiah 17:9.  This is the truth about our hearts.  Can you think of a time when you were left to your own desires and walked in your own counsel?  What happened? How did it end up for you?

2.  Point number three states that some of the problems of mistaking God for being only merciful are spiritual.  Have you seen that in your own life in the past?  How so?

3.  In the final point, Brooks points out how great men of the past have considered God's mercy as a way to preserve them from sin.  Can you think of examples (or look up the references) in the Bible?  What about examples of men and women from the past or in the present?

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