Stone Soup for Five: 5 cooking websites that I trust

5 cooking websites that I trust

I've made some really, really bad recipes in my life.  Those meals are what we call "punishment meals," where eating the recipe was painful.  Often those nights we choke down what we can and then resort to popcorn or cereal...

There are websites that I've learned not to trust (don't trust everything on Pinterest, there are sneaky punishment meals hidden behind good photography!), and there are a handful of sites that I feel absolutely confident making the recipe exactly as written and know it will turn out great.  So in an effort to put an end to punishment meals, I thought I'd share the top 5 websites I trust for delicious meals, that aren't too complicated.

No surprise here.  She cooks simple food, so I usually have most of the ingredients on hand or at least know where they are located in my regular grocery store.  My (and my husband's) top favorite recipes we've made multiple times from her site:
Marlboro Man Sandwich--Corey's favorite sandwich
Steak bites--Pretty much the only way I make steak now, everyone loves it and it's so simple.  The key, though, is to cook very, very lightly, just as she says to.  You'll be tempted to disobey, because it just doesn't seem like long enough, but DO NOT DO IT.  Listen to P-dub.
Cinnamon toast--I know, this seems like a no brainer... but really.  Try this.  Make it with tea and force your family to sit down with you over a pot of tea and cinnamon toast points.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie--this one is for special occasions only, and it tastes like you slaved away for hours, but it's really, really simple.  My boys' FAVORITE.
Mac and Cheese-- As my son says "This is the bomb-diggity-dong-dot-com."

This site, oh my goodness.
Shrimp Carbonara--my stomach is growling just thinking of this (great with chicken or no extra meat too!)
Cajun Chicken Pasta--again, so, so good!
Slow Cooker Korean Beef--My crockpot cooks high, so I have to be super careful cooking beef and chicken, and I know that this takes less time for me than she has, but the flavor is over the top!
Sticky Garlic Chicken Bites--This I haven't tried, but YUM!
Panda Express Chow Mein--I love Panda Express and even though I really like that someone else cooks it for me, this is almost as good!

While some of her recipes are complicated, the ones I've made are worth it!
Caesar Salad Dressing--If you make nothing else on her site, make this dressing... and DO NOT SKIP the anchovy paste.  I know it's gross, but it makes it over the top delicious (and you don't taste fishy anything).  Just think of it this way... if you came to my house for dinner and I served this dressing (that you would LOVE) you wouldn't ask me to make you a batch without the anchovy paste.  Just try it as written.  I promise you'll be forever changed.
Grilled Chicken Breasts--then of course, you'll have to make these to go on that delicious Caesar salad.
Roasted broccoli--because if you've only had boiled broccoli, this will be a revelation for you.
Lemon Squares--I'm going to definitely have to try these!

This is simple, affordable, and cheap cooking at it's best!
Cheesburger soup--Sometimes I use regular cheese instead of the velveeta. Either way it's soul filling and delicious.
Pizza Casserole--I usually leave the mushrooms out because of my pick-head punks, but this is a kid-friendly and easy recipe.
Honey Hoisin Chicken--this is so good in sandwiches, lettuce wraps, or just served over rice.

I followed this when it was just a blog, before it became a subscription site.  I loved how she prepped a week's worth of meals in an hour and stored them in her fridge.  I have subscribed to her classic menu and her clean menu and almost everything I have made has been really good.  She also has paleo recipes for those of you who eat paleo.
This is a great video on how it all works.
Sour cream enchiladas--simple and delicious and everyone likes them.
10 school lunches--When the boys were going out for school, I used to do this, it worked great!
Pesto Chicken tenders--we use this a lot as a quick go-to meal.
5 Cheap dinners--I still love the steak and ravioli soup
Sandwich ideas--these are great when the punks are tired of the same old sandwiches
*If you decide to buy one of her meal plans (I love them!) you can use this affiliate link: and it will take you to the options.

If any of you have some great sites that you trust for easy and yummy food, please share in the comments below!


  1. There are a few I like and trust including most of what you suggested. I will have to explore the other ones- gladly!
    Two that stand out are the and The first is a variety of recipes from an experienced home cook. Never a miss. The second is all about desserts and I've learned to make some complicated confections under her tutelage. Good stuff.

  2. My favorite cooking website is The Chicken and Dumplings. Shepherds Pie, and brisket recipes are out of this world! Everything recipe I have tried has been delicious.

  3. Love Damn Delicious!! I have yet to make anything off her website I don't love! A personal favorite is the tater-tot waffles!!

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I've cooked some Pinterest recipes that were epic fails and it's nice to know I am not alone. Two more blogs worth looking into are Pinch of Yum (5 Minute Avocafo Cilantro Dressing) and Sally's Baking Addiction (the best sugar cookies).


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