Stone Soup for Five: Prayer Binder update, hacks, tweaks and extras!

Prayer Binder update, hacks, tweaks and extras!

After using my prayer binder regularly for a couple of months, I've realized that there is not always 35+ minutes each day to pray through it.  But, I have had fun figuring out ways to use it without always having the full time to devote to longer prayer times.  Here are a few ways I've changed it up on the days when I don't have the time or focus to pray through it all.

1.  First, realize this binder is not the "right" way to pray.  It is a guide to assist you.  Don't allow yourself to get legalistic about it. 

2.  I have set my repeating timer (30/30 app) for the full time schedule I'd like to pray (2.5 minutes for each section), but I've also set other schedules on the app to repeat every 2 minutes, every minute and a half, and even 1 minute.  That way, I can pray for whatever time I have that day.

3.  I've also skipped the timer all together and just prayed through the sections that are especially heavy on my heart that day.  Even if it is just for five minutes total.

4.  And as I'm reading books or blogs I'll add quotes or printouts that have inspiring prayers or thoughts on prayer.  Copying the great prayers is an awesome way to get better at praying!  Here are some recent things I've seen and some I've added to my binder:

(My sister-in-law and I also regularly update our Pinterest Prayer page, so be sure to follow there too!)

30 days of praying the names of God--by the Navigators.  This has been especially useful in the praise sections at the beginning and then ending.  I don't want my prayers to be rote or stale, and this has breathed fresh life into those sections.

Voice of the Martyrs prayer requests--if you sign up, they will send you specific prayer requests in your inbox.  This is great for "The World" section in your binder.

This is a great map of countries to pray for--31 days with the world and descriptions of the countries you will be praying for.  I love this one!

A different prayer calendar for your children--I really like Inspired by Action's calendar, but this one is great too!  And this link has a great way to take it one step further!

This link has some great documents on prayer that you can print out to keep your inspired to keep it up.

The Mom Initiative has a prayer calendar for your husband and your children you can print out.

As I'm reading books, often I'll add quotes from them too.  Right now I'm finishing Sally Clarkson's Own Your Life and each chapter ends with a wonderful prayer.  I also recently finished John Maxwell's Learning from the Giants where each chapter also ends with a great prayer and I've copied several of those into my binder as well.

I'd love to hear any ideas from you and how the binder is working in your life!


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  1. The link for the unreached people groups calendar didn't work for me. Try

  2. Thanks for sharing the prayer calendar we have at The MOM Initiative, Kari! ;)

  3. (the website of Dick Eastman, the author of The Hour that Changes the World) has an offer for free maps (the united states and the world) divided up into 31 areas that can be used as a guide to pray for the unsaved. Make a request and they will mail them out to you for FREE!


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