Stone Soup for Five: 12 things to do with scripture

12 things to do with scripture

Ever wonder what else you can do when reading a verse or chapter of the Bible?
Here are twelve things to get you started!

  • Look up key words (even if you think you know the meaning)
  • Ask the 5 W's and an H: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
  • Summarize the text in one sentence or less
  • Transcribe the passage
  • Add a title to each page you've read in your Bible
  • Rewrite in your own words (paraphrase, rewrite for a child to understand, highlight or bold different sections to make them stand out)
  • Memorize
  • Make an application from it.  How can you apply it to your life?
  • Rewrite the passage, organizing it by main points or lists.
  • Pray through the text.
  • Freewrite about the verse for a set amount of time.  Don't stop for that entire time.  If you don't know what else to write, rewrite what you wrote before and keep going!
  • Doodle a picture of the main ideas.

Do you have any other tips for digging deeper into Scripture?  Be sure to add them to the comments!

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  1. Excellent! Love your handwritten page!

  2. Great ideas, Kari! I would like to see a picture of what you mean by "Title each page you read" do you do this instead of, or in addition to, naming each chapter? My NISB has blank title lines for each chapter so you can write your own so I'm just wondering if that's what you mean.

    1. Ya, it's basically like I do in "ruining my Bible"
      It's pretty much creating a "cheat sheet" on each page, to quickly see what is on that page. I love it!

  3. I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! :)

    Thank you for all the great helps for prayer and bible study. They are practical and never overwhelming. I am a mother of five and have struggled with being overwhelmed, but your simple outlines/ideas have been encouraging me 100% for months now. I have also implemented the bullet journal planner and ideas for encouraging others you wrote about. I look forward to using all the studies you've put together so far. I'm sorry I didn't stop by to comment sooner! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! So happy that my ramblings are helpful to you!

  4. This is great! Another thing that helps me when reading scripture is to ask myself, "What does this passage reveal about God". It truly helps alot!

  5. I stumbled across this today! Wow! I love it! I re-blogged and linked people to your blog. Your books intrigue me and I'm going to keep looking around.

  6. I like this and found it in the last couple of days. I added the list to my Bible Journal. I also like use sentence diagramming sometimes. (I'm kind of a language nerd.) I recently studied Joshua and then read Max Lucado's Glory Days (about Joshua) to compare my thinking too his.


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