Stone Soup for Five: Summer Reading 2012 --hopefully

Summer Reading 2012 --hopefully

I kinda cringe making this blog post, because it seems I start off every summer full of energy and optimism then never get to what I want to do.  But since, I'm all about making goals this year, we'll see if it carries over to my reading.

I'm only reading books I already have (most on my Kindle, that I picked up throughout the year last year) and haven't made the time to read.

Have't even cracked this one open on the Kindle yet, but I know it is going to be good.

I'm at chapter 8 so far.  So far she's right on with why I don't pray... just starting to get into the "HOW to be diligent part".  Ouch.  Good, but OUCH.

I've read about 2-3 chapters in this so far... scary stuff here.  I totally and completely agree.  (Even did a post on it here, back when I first started reading.)  Since reading the small bit I did then, I've been in a fight to get my brain back.  It'll be good to finish this book and figure out what else I can do to keep my whole brain together as much as possible.

(I've read these author's previous book: Siblings Without Rivalry, which was a super quick read and really practical info, and have read about half of this one.  More to digest, but good, good stuff.)

So, hopefully, in September I'll be able to mark these all as READ and DONE!

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