Stone Soup for Five: What if...

What if...

What if, instead of a prayer request journal, I started a WAITING FOR journal.

Instead of constantly asking for requests and needs...

What if I started THANKING GOD for answering those needs, BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENS?

What if I changed my fear-fueled pleas
to thanking Him for what He can and will do?


What if I changed them from "Lord, please protect my boys online.  Please keep bad pictures from them... because I'm scared. Scared of a lifetime of addiction and misery and sin..."


"Lord, I know you love my boys even more than me.  I know you have a plan for them, a future and a hope.  I know you will not let them be utterly destroyed by sin.  Thank you Lord, for protecting them from destructive sin.  Thank you Lord, for loving them so much I can give them completely over to you.  Thank you Lord for giving me wisdom enough to do what I can, and then leaving the rest in your powerful, all knowing hands.  Thank you Lord.

What if I started praying like I'm waiting, not worrying?

What if I stopped praying fearful (whiny?) pleas and started THANKING Him more for His promises?

Just what would happen then?

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