Stone Soup for Five: The Christmas Sniper

The Christmas Sniper

For our family of all boys, we have a few Christmas traditions that differ a bit from the norm.  But the one that everyone looks forward to every year is the annual posting of the Christmas Tree Sniper.

The Sniper is a 12" action figure GI Joe type of guy with a full Ghillie Suit (if you aren't familiar with that term, this link will give you an idea of what they are).

This year as Mr. Measure was prepping him for his post, I was thinking about all the "haven't got to yets" and "still need to do's" and then sat back as I was typing this post and smiled.

Even though we haven't made homemade marshmallows yet, or sugar cookies, or went on our "official Christmas Light Looking" trip, or put up our sparkly flashing lights at least we have little times and traditions like these.

I doubt I'll ever have a Christmas Season where I feel DONE, but there are little things like this (and the year yellow jackets flew out of our tree and swirled menacingly around our ceiling fan) that we will always remember.

And sometimes, that's just enough to be perfect...

So far this year, no one has found him yet.


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