Stone Soup for Five: Instilling some TRADITION and Menu for the week

Instilling some TRADITION and Menu for the week

We don't really have many traditions in our family.  We have Friday Night Pizza Night, and a few things we do over special holidays like Christmas and Easter, but nothing that I can really call "OUR Family Traditions".  Neither Mr. Measure nor I had many traditions growing up.  He comes from a family of 7 brothers, so I think mom was mostly busy keeping up with them.  And I grew up with a new step-mom every year or so, so no real traditions developed from that other than the consistency of not having traditions.  :o)

So I'm learning as I go. I'm doing the Beth Moore study "Believing God" and she was just talking about our heritage, and how crucial it is to pass on traditions to our children.  To do special things to celebrate our special God and firmly implant in them their heritage.   I want my boys to grow up with traditions (more than just Pizza Night too.)

My first instinct is to jump in and start 20 traditions ASAP.  But I know that will fizzle out, stress me out, and be completely the OPPOSITE of what tradition is supposed to be.

So, I'll start with one simple tradition I'd like to implement and see how that goes.   We're going to start having Sunday Tea instead of dinner.  Usually Sunday dinner is just hunt and find because I don't want to cook after church, grocery shopping, and school planning, so this should work well.

One of my favorite blogs posted about it being part of their traditions and I love it, so we'll start there.

I had to go to the store today, so I added a trip to Tuesday Morning to see if they had a teapot, and they did!  So we're starting a tradition tonight!

Sunday Tea Menu:  Hot tea, crackers and cheese, lunch meat rolls, pickles, muffins, apple slices and oatmeal cookies.  I'm excited!

Menu for the week:

Breakfasts:  (all served with fruit or applesauce and usually eggs)
eggs and ham  (I'll make a big batch of scrambled eggs--a dozen eggs--and keep extras in the fridge for later in the week)
baked oatmeal

left overs
pizza monkey bread  (thanks Jenna!) --I'll make extra and freeze for quick meals later
hot dogs and mac

Dinners: (we're doing something different for December, the theme is repeats and EASY)

Quesadilla bar (left over turkey, and other toppings with the George Foreman at the end of the assembly line for custom Quesadillas.)

Pasta bar (two kinds of pasta with two kinds of sauce --marinara and cheese sauce) with meatballs/salad

Amish Haystacks (another customizable kind of meal) taco meat, cheese, rice, saltines, whatever else you want.

Mexican beef layered enchiladas (made with a roast I made last week and froze the leftovers)

Homemade pizza night (my boys MUCH prefer restaurant pizza --Papa Murphy's, Dominos, etc-- but I've convinced them to eat homemade 3 times a month by including Hot Fudge Cake with the homemade pizzas.)

Lasagna, salad, broccoli

We had our first tea tonight (see pic above) and everyone loved it.  It was fun for me because it was easy, quick, and NO one complained about the food.  Conversation and attitudes were enjoyable.  Mr. Measure loved it too.  New tradition that will definitely stay!

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  1. I love your menu posts. Keep 'em coming, they really help me. LOVE the tea party! That is such a fun (and easy!) idea. Love it.


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