Stone Soup for Five: Menu Plan for July 11-17

Menu Plan for July 11-17

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This week I'm working through a Weight Watchers cookbook I've had for years (actually I didn't even realize I even HAD it until I organized my kitchen shelves).  The dinners will all be around 7-8 points, so it should be fun to see if I can cook tasty food, for low points.

Breakfasts for me: 
1 egg and egg white omeletes
yogurt and toast
cream of wheat
cheerios and fruit

Breakfasts for the boys:
pancakes, waffles, or french toast (homemade frozen)

Lunch for me:
either leftovers
salad and sandwiches on sandwich thins

Lunch for the boys will be the free school lunch.  I'm so thankful for this because it really does help keep grocery costs down in the summer and I can just pack my lunch to take.  Since we homeschool, but pay taxes to the school district I don't feel bad making use of the summer lunch program.

Dinners for everyone will be:
(recipes from the WW book are italicized) 

Lasagna Rolls with green salad and broccoli
Calabacia con Pollo (chicken with squash, corn, and tomatoes) with salad
Baked (or grilled) chicken breast with asparagus and Egg Noodles with Peas and Brown Butter
No Mess Steak fajitas with salad
Chicken Caesar Salad pizza (regular pepperoni pizza for the boys)
Grilled white fish with Pesto Pasta
Tried this Sunday night.  Not my favorite.  Pesto pasta was okay, but dry, and the fish was just ho-hum.

On Sundays we'll have crockpot dinners:

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  1. Oooo they sound much nicer than I would have expected from a weight-watchers cookbook.

  2. How did your crockpot meals come out? I'm always looking for new crockpot recipes :)

  3. BOTH of those crockpot recipes are keepers and repeats. Love them!


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