Stone Soup for Five: Pre-prep Prep for 2 weeks

Pre-prep Prep for 2 weeks

Okay, I did my pre-prep today and it took roughly about 2 hours (because I didn't have ziploc bags and had to run to the dollar store which also turned into a run to the border--Taco Bell)... so excluding that, I pre-prepped 8 meals!

First I cleared the counters and filled the wash tub with hot soapy water.

 I got all the recipes out and the main ingredients and set to work. I cooked up all the meat (chicken and beef) first, and boiled the noodles.

I ended up with 8 meals total and half the work for the week done.  The ones I pre-prepped were the time intensive meals so when I don't feel like cooking, it's already done.  During the week I only have to fix easy dinners like tacos and pizza and quick stuff.

This is my second time doing mass pre-prep and I love it!  It's not a huge whole day thing like cooking once a month, but you get the same time saving advantage!

I've noticed it's better too, because I'm not snacking all the time on what I'm making as I'm cooking.  Because it's all ready to throw in the oven, I'm really hungry when I sit down to dinner, so it should help in the weight loss area too!

Here's the total:
Beef and Broccoli (beef sliced and frozen in sauce) --2 meals
Italian Bowties:  frozen in 9x13 pan
Mexican Casserole: frozen in 9x13
Sour cream chicken enchiladas: 2 9x13 pans
Stuffed Shell Pasta bake: 9x13 pan (I LOVE this, but never make it because it's so time intensive to make.  So YUM!
Beef and Bean Biscuit bake: (made beef and bean mix, and will add biscuits before baking)

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