Stone Soup for Five: Menu Plan --first week in May

Menu Plan --first week in May

This week is all about kid friendly.  Since Mr. Measure is out auditing, and I don't want to do another week of all cereal, all the time... I made a kid friendly menu.

I'm also coming to the realization that to remain frugal AND healthy, I really REALLY need to start semi-cooking at lunch.  Not a full blown production like dinner, but I can't just do grab-and-nuke meals for lunch anymore.  It's not healthy, it's not budget friendly, and the boys really need to learn to be less picky for the sakes of their future wives and future budgets!
So, here's the rough plan:
eggs with bacon

Most will be sandwiches and salads
I will also pre-boil some pasta and use that to make
-pasta and cheese
-pesto pasta

homemade pizza with salad
sub sandwiches
breakfast for dinner
and on Sat with Mr. Measure home again, the menu returns to normal
Chicken and broccoli with curry sauce
and then it's a brunch for Mother's day!!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Love your photos. The top photo looks like a make your own version of the Taco Bell morning wrap. I love them, have tried to make them at home, cannot get the tortilla to work right. Any tips?

  2. Thanks Dianna! I just put the sausage (already cooked) scrambled eggs, and cheese in the middle and then box it in with the tortilla. Fold the sides up then the two ends and it comes out square. Then I put it on my George Foreman and squish it all while cooking it. If you don't have a george, you can do it in the pan, which I've done too, but it doesn't seem to stay together as well. But both taste great! Thanks!


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