Stone Soup for Five: The great Garage Makeover--DAY THREE (or is it four?)

The great Garage Makeover--DAY THREE (or is it four?)

Time is flying and things are slowing down.  I don't think I did anything on the garage yesterday and only spent about an hour in there today, but we SCORED some FUN stuff today at the GWO (Goodwill Outlet).

We ran to Lowe's real quick to grab some dropcloths for curtains and since the GWO is on the way home, we stopped in there to see what they had.  And they had a RUG, great shape for $30 and a 4 in 1 game table...upside down, in the bins!  They price checked it at $10 for us!

So here are the results after today:

The recycling station. See the brown lid on the black recycling can?  That is how the whole gross thing used to look.  Trying to decide if I want to spring for a can of red spray paint to match theme, or just use black to cover the top.....

The shelves!  They have plywood shelves on the metal frame, so I took the plywood out, stretched the drop cloth over the frame, and replaced the wood.  I'll be painting the wood soon, but couldn't wait to see how it looked.  LOVE it!

Boy's corner.  We'll move the love seat in the current man cave out here, and rearrange a little, but it's coming together.  You can just see the rug there under the chairs.  Score for $30!

Mr. Measure's work bench.  Almost done.  Still have to do black around the frame, but I think the drawer and cupboard fronts are finally painted with enough layers of red!

Remember the BEFORE??

And the boys enjoying their new table.

This summer we'll paint the floor and garage door, but so far so good!!

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  1. Perfection! WOW!!!!!!!!! It came together pretty quickly considering all the other things you have on your mommy plate! Great JOB!!! Can't wait to see it in person again soon! I vote for metallic silver on the lid of the garbage can!
    Hugs, Suz

  2. Looks awesome...Love hubby's work bench, what a great surprise for him when he gets home.

    I vote red or silver on the recycle can lid...anything but black.

    Keep up the good work...I am sure you burned a few calories doing it too ;)

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Love the "Priceless" comment in the picture. They do look happy! :) How awesome that they have their own space now! Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :) Have fun finding some new reads, and I hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon. :)

  4. Kari, this is Rick in Japan.... IT LOOKS SO FUN FOR ALL THE MEN!!! And, the best part is, you will get the biggest and best space of all... the HOUSE... so what will you name YOUR space now...if theirs is the cave, and yours is bigger... will it be called "the CAVERN"... or maybe, just.... "CIVILIZATION"????!! haha.... I am looking forward to seeing more of it. Take care. Rick :)


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