Stone Soup for Five: The great Garage Makeover--part 1

The great Garage Makeover--part 1

So Mr. Measure is gone for the week and I decided to re-do the garage to surprise him.  He hates it in the current state, but neither of us could figure out how to arrange and organize it so we could like it.  I had WAAAY too much stuff and no real organization on where I put any of it.  It really was a dumping ground.

PLUS our tiny house is shrinking.  The boys are getting BIGGER and the house is getting smaller and if we have anyone over, we end up talking over the kids because there is NO WHERE for them to go.

So we're building a mancave in the garage!

Here's all the BEFORE pics.  It's a two car garage, not a huge roomy one either.  We have enough room for both cars, a squeeze-way between them, and a freezer and tool box and table saw in front.  

So anyway, here is how it looked about a week ago.

It's ugly.

You've been warned...

This is the shelf and water heater side... on the right when you walk in from outside.  We ALWAYS come in through the garage, it's weird to use the front door. So this greets me every stinkin time.  *twitch*
 See that woodstove right here... under this white basket?  That thing weighs about 986 pounds and we bought it and can't put it in... yet.  Maybe we will... so let's keep it forever in the garage.  In the way.  

Built in cupboards.  Nice, but filthy gross.  They haven't been scrubbed since... well, forever.  Mr. Measure's golf clubs, and uhm, my painting shelf is kinda exploding onto the floor there.  *blush*

The tool corner.  Mr. Measure's tool box is the inspiration behind the redo too!  

The freezer and more mess.  yuk.

And this is more of my mess.  Pantry items and junk junk junk!

And back around to the garage door again.  What a MESS!!!  But this will make for an AMAZING before and after!  I can't wait to get it done.  We have ONE WEEK!

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