Stone Soup for Five: 2011 goals!

2011 goals!

I have some house goals that I really REALLY want to accomplish this year.  And here, now, you get to see the UGLY truth BEFORE pics. There is a LOT of work needed here!!

First to finish before the end of January:  The Master Bedroom
(which is laughable, because there's nothing 'master' about it AT ALL.  It's really "Generic Small Bedroom #3" in our tiny 1970s ranch. But I'm so thankful for our home and will pretend it's a Master Bedroom.)

We need to do some major closet renovations.  Mr. Measure has his collection of Military figures right smack where I want some soft and fluffy folded blankets and pillows and I want them gone... but, he doesn't, so we need to compromise.  Maybe if I get rid of his box o' crap to the right of the guys and make it a nice hidden basket o crap?

(In bold is the MUST DO's for January)
-refinish or replace cheap, ugly dresser
-cull and organize

-remove beachy pic and repaint
-find new pic? or maybe paint frame?
-cover that lovely green foam bench cushion with fabric
-paint walls
-window treatments?


As the year goes on, I'm going to be working on the other rooms, starting with the hot mess that is the boys' room.

This is the boys' closet.  *urp* it's really bad and never used other than to stuff junk into when "cleaning".
This is where I want to build Nate a Lego Office.  

-clean and cull
-paint closet and room
-clean gross window, replace broken blinds (I spared you a pic)
-build a simple desk to fit in the closet
-remove doors and store in attic
-paint trim and moulding white

This is the "Ya, mom, it's clean." mess.  I can't even.... nevermind.  Moving on.

-cull toys (really, they play with about 3 categories of toys.  The rest can be given away or stored)
-organize for quick and easy pick up
-replace or clean/fix broken loveseat
-paint (this is the one room in this house that has never been painted since we've been here--9yrs)

 -figure out some simple ways to organize the games and crap!
-is it possible to make this look nice!?!

Ahhh... better.  MY domain.  Calm.  Deep breaths... still love this room.

-crown moulding along the ceiling/wall all the way around the room
-wood slat blinds for the living room window
-bamboo or SOMETHING for the front door windows
-repaint the brass on the fire screen to high temp black

This room I cannot WAIT to get to!  There's going to be a lot of changes in here this year.  
I'm going to have a 'Grown Up' kitchen! Can't wait!

-paint walls
-paint cuboards
-faux finish countertops
-lay down laminate floor from dining room, through kitchen to the back room and laundry room!
-new baseboards
-paint all trim
(nice sample splotch, huh? That's been there since this summer.)

 -paint walls and trim
-make skirt for sewing table to hide messes
-organize and cull shelves

So that's it for my goals. I hope to have a lot of Before and Afters this year, if the budget and time goes well!

I'm linking up with the 2011 home goals post over at The Nester too.  Hopefully for a little accountability?


  1. Is it possible to have too many goals? i admire your determination! I have lots of goals too! My husband told me I have too many...say what? Good luch this year with all you wish to do...I love your fireplace by the way! Beautiful!

  2. Wow! You've got a ton on your list. Mine was a bit shorter. I love the "Ya, mom it's clean" mess. My 14yo has a pile that looks nearly identical.

  3. Hopping over from Nester's ~ Hooray for grown up kitchens! Can't wait to see the transformation! Good luck with all your goals!


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