Stone Soup for Five: Week review and Bullet Journal lists

Jul 13, 2014

Week review and Bullet Journal lists

It would be so much better to do these reviews on Friday, or even Saturday..
But here is how my week worked out.  I think I got my main priorities done, though I'm always hoping for at least 50% done in each category, and it didn't quite work out like that.

Thinking through why I still procrastinate on doing the Proverbs project.  I think it's just plain procrastination and unorganized thinking in the morning.  Each morning next week I'm going to make it a point to review my Bullet Journal every morning for just 5 min while I sip my coffee.  Hoping that helps.  There are still days where I forget to even look at it.

So in order to do that, it means I have to rework my morning routine--which, honestly, isn't working that great right now anyway.  I need a lot more margin built in because I am still moving too slow in the mornings, and I still really struggle with switching tasks.

I did have a great light bulb moment earlier this week for my sales goal though, and will be working on that this week.  Totally different than what I had been trying before.  Instead of focusing on total sales, I'm going to focus on product. I can't really control sales... but I can control that I am consistently putting out fun and new items and using my email list and social media effectively.  So that's my new focus this week.

I also thought I'd share some random lists I have in my bullet journal. It was great going over these lists to get pics for you.  I also need to include a Bullet Journal review once a week and re-read through these quotes and lists.
(earlier this week, T1 came in on my bed with me and I happened to have my bullet journal out, working on it, and I flipped to the page where I have been writing great things about each son and read the list outloud to him... he didn't say much, but had an embarrassed smile the whole time. I highly recommend it!)
"Amazing things about" list for each son.
Great ideas for doing on the weekend... that I very rarely do.  But wouldn't it be cool if I did?!

Great quotes I want to remember.  Especially that middle one!
I have lots of lists like these to try to combat falling into the same old routine of wasting time.
Still have not done much here... yet.
Kind of similar list to the one above, but this was a year review after my 41st birthday.
So good to re-read and ask why I'm not doing these.

These lists are pretty much the only things that keep me focused on the big picture.  I SO easily fall into the easy and familiar and start putting out fires and wasting time online, sitting at the computer, and doing the urgent.  I definitely need to build daily review/reflection into my morning routine so I can remember what I want to be doing.  If it is not in my face, I get lazy, I forget, I get overwhelmed and return to what I call "scribble brain", where I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing, and get overwhelmed with kids in my face, literally breathing my same air because I'm not paying them any attention.  So, here's to a new week and new goals, and lots more margin and review!


  1. Love, love, love this! I am so into Bullet Journaling and I love how customizable it is. It's great to see how you're using it, I think I might snag a few of these ideas. ;-) Lists are a GREAT thing, it's so fun to brain dump and get your thoughts/feelings/observations out there! Writing by hand is such a liberating thing.

  2. I love seeing your clever ideas for how to get the most out of the bullet planner. It's great that it can go beyond a simple to-do list to include things like quotes, things you wish you did differently, or personal notes about people. I think most people neglect documenting things like that, but it's handy to refer to later and clears your mind.

  3. Sometimes, I feel like your bullet journal could be MY bullet journal. You know, if I would just write more stinkin' stuff down and if I was artistic. Your brain just works so much like mine it freaks me out. I love the idea for lists about your boys. I want to start this immediately. Keep sharing posts like this, I love them!