Stone Soup for Five: Why study the prophecies at Christmas? + Prep Week!

Why study the prophecies at Christmas? + Prep Week!

If you're not sure you can add another thing to this busy season, this is not just another "to-do" item to stack on top of the hurry and bustle and bury you in guilt.  Instead, this study is designed to be a brief time of reflection and refreshment that will help you joyfully think about the truth of why and Who we celebrate.

This year we're going to go through The Promises Advent Bible Study together as a group for the first time since its release three years ago!  You'll have the option to join in on a free private community here on the blog to encourage and share with each other.

Each day's study is brief.  It is one page covering one Old Testament prophecy and tracing its fulfillment in the New Testament.

In between each day are two coloring pages to enjoy as you have time.  One page features lyrics of a classic Christmas song or poem, and the other introduces the next prophecy you'll look at.

This will be the first year that we will be going through the study together as a community, right here on the blog for free!  No need for any social media accounts to distract you.  We'll be talking, sharing, and posting photos in the forum (Click on COMMUNITY above to go there).   If you haven't grabbed your copy of the study yet, you can find the instant digital download here or a printed copy on Amazon here.

The Promises Advent Study Prep Week!

For those of you who are ready to do it, this is our prep week!  As you have time this week, I have four assignments for you.

1.  Get your copy of the study (digital or book).
You can order a printed book from Amazon here.  Or as an instant download from the website here.

Also, gather the other add on items if you have kids!

  • There is a great student lapbook created by my friend and editor Kristen He that has creative hands on activities that follow each day in The Promises study.  It's a great resource for 4th through middle school students. 

  • There is a coloring book for younger kids that have the same pictures in the adult study, but include a box for them to write in what they learned from the day's readings, or copy the Bible verse.  

  • And for subscribers there's a Subscriber Bonus Advent picture search where they can color in a tiny picture that corresponds for each day.  If you subscribe to the blog, the password is at the bottom of all my emails that will give you access to all the Subscriber Bonus items.

2.  Get a notebook or sketchbook journal.  
And, if you have time this week, read through the prophecies on page 4 in the study and jot down brief notes on some of them if you can.  (These Fabriano half page size booklets are some of my favorites.)

3.  Read through each of the Christmas Challenges in The Promises study.

On each day of the study there is a Christmas Challenge for you to consider.  Flip through the book and star or put on the calendar anything you want to do.  These vary from books to read, things to say no to, easy things to do, and fun ways to enjoy the season.

4.  Introduce yourself on the blog forum.
Click on the "community" tab above and go to the forums.  Find the Journal and Doodle Bible studies link and follow that through to "The Promises" link.  Once you're there, you'll see a topic that says Prep Week and Intros.  Click there and introduce yourself!

I hope you will join us starting December 1st as we go through 24 Old Testament prophecies and their fulfillment in Christ.  I can't wait to join you!

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