Stone Soup for Five: Philippians and my joyless prayers

Philippians and my joyless prayers

The fun thing about writing a Bible study is I get to go deep and spend a long time on a single book of the Bible.  So jumping into Philippians I knew I would be challenged, encouraged, and hopefully changed.

In the new Journal and Doodle through Philippians study you'll get to come along with me as we explore the themes of growing and joy.  But even better than exploring them, we'll get to experience them.

One of the biggest take-aways I had, was learning to have joy in the wait and in prayer.  It seems lately that waiting and prayer go hand in hand.  I don't like to wait, and my prayers often reflect that impatience and boredom.

In Philippians chapter one I realized that Paul speaks of praying with joy, with confidence, and with consistency.  And it hit me...
I pray with none of those.

Together in the study we'll work through how to add those qualities into our prayer life, walking step-by-step what that looks like for YOU (not me).  You'll personalize what you know you can do and what the Spirit leads you to.  Which is why I LOVE studying scripture this way!  (Plus, we'll add lots of doodles and lists!)

Working through these themes of growth and joy have been challenging, but also encouraging.  I know, now, that when my prayer life is more of a chore and a hassle, it's because I'm lacking joy and confidence.  Joy and confidence I'm called to have even in the circumstances that seem joyless.

We'll also cover other things such as

  • Growing in love (even those who are hard to love!) 
  • Growing in discernment
  • Weeding my yard
  • Joy in suffering and waiting
  • Star Trek Voyager's warp core
  • Growing in godliness
  • Plus a great list of books and biographies

And some of those takeaways I got from having joy in my prayers, especially in seemingly joyless situations?

  • I was reminded that God IS working. 
  • God loves even more than I do.
  • God has a plan for good and even more importantly for His glory.  
  • God has put people in our lives who speak truth and faithfully pray.  
  • God is sovereign and sees the beginning and the end.
  • I need to take worry and fear captive.

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