Stone Soup for Five: Do you take sermon notes? If so, I have a challenge for you!

Do you take sermon notes? If so, I have a challenge for you!

Do you take sermon notes at church?  If so, I have a challenge for you.

Once during the week review your sermon notes.  

A quote I read (and now can't find!) said it something like this:  "Most of us would rather walk six miles to church than spend five minutes reviewing the sermon we heard."

Reviewing and thinking on things solidifies them in our minds.  If thoughts are solidly in my mind, I can take action on them and apply them.  Things that flit through, or that I hear but don't think about are gone almost immediately.

So I encourage you to take up this challenge with me.  Transcribe your notes.

Some ideas:

  • Re-read the verses the sermon covered
  • Re-write your notes on a different sheet of paper
  • Look up and write out any references your pastor used in his sermon
  • Add underlines, circles, bolds, and doodles 

I am going to start transcribing (re-writing) mine.  I have a cheap notebook that I use on Sunday to take notes, that I'm allowed to write anything, scribble and cross things out, and just make use of without feeling like it needs to be pretty.

Then once during the week, hopefully on or before Tuesday, I'll re-write them into a more solid Bible journal I have.  That is where I'll do additional work, writing out references, adding doodles, and organizing my thoughts a little better.

Life change doesn't come from going to church or sitting through a sermon.  Change comes from thinking on and applying Scripture to my life.  And with my life and mind, that has to happen more than just 45 minutes on Sunday.

Are you in?
If you want to take up this challenge, join me on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #transcribetuesday.



  1. That is a great idea. I normally review my notes Monday or Tuesday copying bits into my Bible. I like the idea of a notebook. We are beginning a series on grace in September that I am looking forward to along with the discussion in small groups.

  2. My bible doesn't have enough room for all my notes, so I am transcribing the chapter of the bible we are studying onto the left side of a composition notebook and will take notes etc. on the right side. This helps me learn the chapter and be prepared for the sermon (or Bible study.)

  3. I've always thought about doing something more with my notes from Sunday's service. We begin with a outline that I cram numerous bits of info and ideas, cross-references and more into a small space. I decided that as Pastor began a new study, this time in I Thessalonians I'd purchase a "Journible: the 17:18 series" to work in. I've used this method for several books of the Bible and how it works is to write out the scriptures on the right hand of the pages and to journal, study, break down etc. on the left side. I've been doing this Sunday afternoon while it's fresh to work through the verses we covered in the morning getting my own perspective and then adding the sermon notes to the book to keep it all together. It's helping me to think through it all and makes it much richer. The journibles are available at and some at Amazon. A plain notebook would also work, but the hardback format I think elevates the importance of what the contents are...God's Word. I'll be starting another in the fall with a Bible study in Romans.

    1. Journible sounds like a great idea that I would like to explore.

  4. I have actually been doing this for about a year and the last few months I have gotten kinda lazy about transcribing the notes. This will challenge me to get caught up :) I have been using my iPad Pro and pencil to take notes then transcribing them in to my Sermon Journal.

  5. I ordered the Organized Life Planner after seeing your IG I need to figure out a good time to schedule reviewing my sermon notes! I really enjoy taking notes of the sermons, but usually wish I'd practiced my doodles a bit more ahead of time (or had references tucked in the back of my journal).

  6. I'd never heard of a journible so I just ordered the Psalm 119 version on Amazon, so thanks for that comment. I like the idea of this challenge as a way to better retain what I heard and took notes about. Thanks.

  7. I wrote or scribble mine during the message in church. Then while it is still fresh in my mind, I sit at one of the tables in the lobby and transform them to my journal. If there isn't something I am not clear on, I can either sit in the next Service or talk to someone for more direction.

  8. oh wow thank you for that "challenge." I often if not usually take notes nowadays, and I usually Mean to revisit them ... but I never do. I thought I was just neurotic to have that habit at all.

  9. I have been taking sermon notes for years now the church I am attending records and have them available on the church website on Tues or Wed so I listen again and revise my notes. I always include a Table of Content as the year goes by but do not like the 3 ring binders they don't fit well on a shelf so considering binding them at Staples of Office Max. My Pastor is a excellent teacher so I usually keep about 70% of his sermons


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