Stone Soup for Five: See Inside the NEW 1 John study!

See Inside the NEW 1 John study!

The brand new Journal and Doodle study through 1 John is finally here and I'm so excited to give you a peek inside!  There are some things that are the same as previous studies, and some new features... so let's hop in!

As with all the Journal and Doodle studies, you get to create your own study journal to doodle, write, and keep as a legacy.  This guide will take you step by step through 1 John guiding you with doodle suggestions, things to think about and items to list and apply to your life.

And, just like previous studies, we'll do background and context work.  We'll overview the book, look closely at context, draw a map, and look into background information.  All of this makes for such a rich study of the book!

When we dive into the study, we'll be tracing three sub-themes (truth, love, obedience) and one overall theme of assurance.  As we work through the book, you'll read each chapter multiple times digging out what each chapter says about each sub-theme.

You are encouraged and taught how to prep your journal in a specific way to reinforce each theme and really get the word of God deep into your soul.

There are also built-in meditation guides, questions, pauses, and reflection to encourage you to slow down and really savor what you are learning.

The back of the study contains extra activities and a meditation guide to continue learning at your own pace, in your own way.

And, this week only, this study, plus a study for older kids (written by the editor of seven of my Journal and Doodle studies), and two free bonus items when you purchase the bundle!  You can also order on Amazon for a printed version to keep or give as gifts (Easter and/or Mother's Day is coming up!)

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