Stone Soup for Five: 2016 in review -- best of blog posts!

2016 in review -- best of blog posts!

2016 was a great year here.  We had our share of ups, downs, problems, and blessings and I learned so much about discipline, hope, Bible Meditation, blogging, and writing.

I did a run down of the stats on the blog and here's what I found for 2016:

I picked up 2000 subscribers (THANK YOU!  You guys are the best! So encouraging!)

My top landing pages from google searches were...


My all time favorite post is this short story (worth re-reading every few months!)

And one of the most meaningful studies I did this year, was from Psalm 119

The top place people came to the blog from was Pinterest where there are great boards about Bible Study, prayer, planners and lots of other ideas and information!

On social media, I hang out a lot on Facebook, where I also have a private group for Journal and Doodlers to talk about their studies, share their work, and form a community of like-minded women.

I'm really enjoying Instagram lately and that is where I'll be sharing most of my daily Bible study notes and Bullet Journal posts so if you're not connected, look me up at kari_denker.

Also as I'm reviewing 2016 and planning for 2017, I'd love to hear how I can be of value to you.  How can I help you grow in your walk with the Lord this year?  Leave me a note in the comments.

Look for the rest of the posts coming up in this series next!

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  1. the link to the 30 days of reflection isn't working, the page isn't in drop box anymore. Somehow I missed that post and would love to think through those questions. Could you put that list of questions up again?

    1. Whoops! Sorry about that, but thanks for letting me know. I've updated the link, so it should work now! THANKS!


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