Stone Soup for Five: Looking for a no-stress, creative, and do-able Christmas Advent study? Got ya covered.

Looking for a no-stress, creative, and do-able Christmas Advent study? Got ya covered.

I really dislike Christmas studies that put more to-do's into my way too short and way overstuffed Christmas season.

I also dislike coloring books that have so much detail that I don't even know where to begin and feel like I can't breathe when I look at them.  (I'll be honest, I still really like the Disney Princess coloring books, with big dresses and not much background clutter.)

And I love Christmas music.

So basically, I wanted a Christmas Bible study that was short, deep, do-able, fun, and included coloring without stress... and I couldn't find one.  So you know what they say, if you can't find it, make it.

So last year I set out to do just that and released The Promises Advent Study for Christmas.  This year, I wanted to update it and include even more coloring pages, more songs, and less stress (and make it available on Amazon for those of us who HATE figuring out the printer only to find out we've run out of ink, again.) 

The Christmas challenges are still do-able, fun, and meant to enhance without ADDING.  The kids get hungry EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, right?  See, not adding, just enhancing.  

 Last year, I stressed a few of you out because I suggested things to doodle and didn't give any examples.  Sorry.  Tons and tons of doodle suggestions this year!  Maybe a few too many...

Last year, I got so much positive feedback on the Christmas song lyrics, that this year, I made them bigger, better, and color-able!  Because, go big or go home. 

Last year, I got tears in my eyes as I got feedback from you that seeing the prophecies from the Old Testament and their fulfillment in Christ in the New Testament was eye opening and deeply meaningful.  All of that is still there, with just a few edits (comma splices are/were sprinkled like Christmas glitter) and I added just a few more questions to ponder and answer.

If you haven't picked up your copy yet, don't wait.  The huge discounted bundle for this year ends Saturday, November 19... just a few days from now.  See all the options including an amazing interactive notebook for older kids, a coloring book for younger kids, and an option of buying the study on Amazon or instantly downloading a PDF of the complete study.  

But rather than go on and on, I just want to share with you a few messages I've received about the Advent Study... because if you're on the fence, I want to push you off and into a Christmas season of rest, creativity, and fun for you and your family.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the impact that your work has had on my life in just a short time.  I found your website just a few days before the Advent Promises study began.  I was watching Lisa (CreativLei) on periscope and she had mentioned you.  Anyway, I downloaded the study and began on the first. It truly has been such a blessing to me. It is absolutely just what I have been looking for in a Bible study.  I keep telling my friends how much I love it (to the point that I think they are going to tell me to shut

I also was very interested in starting a prayer binder after seeing your youtube video (and some others).  So over the weekend, I downloaded The Hour that Changes the World and made a trip to Staples.  I started building that today. I feel blessed with the work I've done on it already.

So, I just thank you for sharing your talents and serving the Lord in this way.

Have a blessed day!

(This is Dawn's drawing! Isn't she amazing?)

Here's day 4. Had some serious family activity the last weekend so a bit behind. But I'm OK with that. Funny thing about your study--the reading takes mere minutes. It's the drawing and coloring that take like an hour. But it's a good hour. It's reflective and relaxing. 


Just wanted to let you know, The Promises Coloring book was so great for my  
middle school Sunday School Class. It kept the facts clear and fun drawings  
to make it come alive! Hope to see more of this style. Also, maybe some  
sample pages of doodles? This would help the kids get some ideas. We are  
creating journals to go along with our lessons each week. thanks for all  
you do, may God Bless you!


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