Stone Soup for Five: Must have resources for improving your prayer life!

Must have resources for improving your prayer life!

My sister-in-law and I just finished up a great chat about our prayer notebooks and journals and if you missed it, you can watch it right here:

It was a great time, with just a few mistakes on my part, but they all worked out.  I asked Michele to go over her Prayer Notebook in a lot of detail because I know it's always frustrating for me to see someone gloss over their notebook when I want to know EXACTLY HOW they set it up since I'm such a hands-on learner!

Ialso wanted to give you a list of some of the resources we talked about.  You can find the complete list on our Pinterest board.  We'll keep adding all the information there, so click over if you have Pinterest and have fun pinning.  For those without Pinterest, here are some of the top resources we discussed:


The Hour that Changes the World--very specific and great to those new to prayer.

A Watchman's Guide to Praying God's Promises--free when you sign up for their mailing list.

A Woman After God's Own Heart--Elizabeth George is a wonderful, sweet "mentor" I had when we were first married and this book changed my life.  She is specific, clear, and firm yet gentle.  Her chapter on prayer in this book is wonderful, along with the rest of the book!

The Valley of Vision--Puritan prayers that are just beautiful and inspiring.

Prone to Wander--Great prayers of confession and assurance.

Voices from the Past--Insightful and relevant writings to encourage and inspire faith and prayer.

Penny Bennett Totes--Handmade Bible sized bags that both Michele and I LOVE.  High quality and meticulously made by Penny.  A worthy investment that will last a lifetime.

I'd love to get feedback on what you think and other types of coffee chats you'd like to see!


  1. I absolutely loved the chat! Thanks so much! I have a prayer journal that has pics of the people on a page (with some pages left blank behind the one with pic). I have ongoing prayer lists that I add to each person's list but then I actually write prayers for people. One day, I was praying for a friend that had recently received Jesus and wanted to be baptized. I was writing a prayer of thanksgiving on her page and she just walked in. When she saw her pic she asked me what I was doing. I told her and her eyes opened big and she said "you have been praying for me?" She just cried with joy as she saw the growth she had made through the prayers I had prayed the past year of her life that I had known her. What a JOY! that was!! Thanks again, for the encouragement to keep in God's word and talking to Him for myself, and others! Penny

    1. Just wanted to add...I do your Doodle Studies, Love Jesus, drink lots of coffee, and am a total dork!

  2. I love, love, loved the chat! What's funny is about a month ago, before I saw this, or the post by Intentional by grace, I had the idea to use the bullet journal format for my prayer journal, and I began working on it, and it had already changed my prayer life so much, but there was a few things I was struggling with not sure how to fit in, and ya'lls video helped me to figure it out! I LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


  3. Kari and Michele,
    Thank you so much for your video! I wasn't able to live chat but watched it later and it was so helpful and inspirational! A few months ago I started using a Bullet Journal for planning and wanted to do something similar for a prayer journal. I also recently saw the post by Intentional by Grace and was happy to see someone else experimenting with this method. I have set up a Moleskine DotGrid to use as a Bible study and prayer journal. I use an Index like Bullet Journaling, only I alphabetize it so I can more easily find something (or someone) I am looking for rather than scan down a random list. This way I don't worry about so many pages for each person in my family or a particular subject, as long as I index the page at the beginning I know I can go wherever I want in the journal and am not limited by sections. It has been so freeing and letting go of a perfectionist mindset and now I can just get down to what it is I want to do, which is pray and jot down Bible study notes. I am starting Kari's John study in my journal and also love I see you posted some videos for that as well. I also loved that you and Michele talked about resources and books, and your recent video on reading was so touching because I could so relate and it gave me good things to pick up to read and would love if you both were to post an update some time in the future. Other than Google, YouTube videos of my few favorite bloggers, and recently Pinterest, I am not on social media like Facebook, so your chat idea was great and I hope to be able to participate next time. Books and Coffee rule (besides God of course:) so I loved it and hope to see more! Great job ladies, thank you both so much for your honesty and sharing your lives with others in this way! Melissa Dotson

  4. Thanks so much for including your Penny Bennett Totes in the chat. That was a delightful surprise and I'm thrilled to hear that your Bible Totes are serving you well. God bless you both for your commitment to getting THE WORD out and teaching others the power of studying God's Word for YOURSELF. Amazing!!

    1. I loved the chat, although I missed you by an hour and had to watch the recording instead... I have tried several times to start a prayer binder, only to let my perfectionism force me to abandon it for a plain list on a piece of paper. :/ Thank you Kari and Michelle for sharing this method! I already have a notebook that I believe would work perfectly for this, and I can't wait to get started with it. Thank you so much! (And if you can give a little more notice next time, I'd love to join you!)

      PENNY!!! I absolutely love the totes the ladies showed us on the video! I have a... I guess you would call it a Bible cover with a strap... that I've been using to carry my Bible, devotionals and pens for about 15 years. It's super sturdy and has held up well, but it's also super small, has a noisy zipper and velcro on the side pouch which is not ideal during a church service, and is not very pretty. It's black with a cross on the velcro flap. I am forever cleaning it out and trying to cut back on the amount of pens I carry. Which is hard for me - I'm a pen junkie. I have been searching for YEARS for a better solution, only to find variations on what I already have. As I was describing to my (AMAZING) husband what I'd seen in the video, he asked, "Well, can you just order one?" LOL! He knows what a struggle my Bible cover has been. So we ordered a lovely purple one with a matching pen pouch and I am beside myself with excitement to get it. What a blessing your sewing gift will be to me! Thank you for meeting a real need for your fellow Christian sisters. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Wendy W from Glendale, AZ

  5. Kari and Michelle,
    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have never been able to make a prayer binder work for me. I got too overwhelmed flipping to try to find what I was looking for. I think this prayer journal might work for me.
    Gretchen in WI

  6. I have really enjoyed everything Kari and Michelle have brought up. I watched the video and took lots of notes, added to my prayer journal, and saved information. I actually started this journal last year when I started buying Kari's doodle studies. I had put all of the doodling tutorials in the front, then after going through Intentional By Grace, I started my index, on page 51! After watching the chat I added more pages and have a lot of pages left. It's definitely a hodgepodge of prayers, bible studies and everything else that I find that moves me spiritually. Thank you both for sharing!

  7. Hey Kari and Michele,
    I have begun using Michele's prayer journal and I am finding that it is wonderful to use. I like the bound journal and have gotten over my need for "perfection", just like Michele said. The first time that I made a mistake, I gasped and thought, "Oh no. Now I have ruined it!" Then I chuckled and kept going. I am happily filling up my journal. Much of which is transferring things from one spiral notebook or another. My husband likes to write in my spiral notebooks. He respects my journal. We have mutual prayer times and I don't have anything that he doesn't know, so him reading my prayer journal is not an issue. It has been a blessing. I started one for my grown daughter- with the outline from Michele and the Charles Spurgeon quote. I put in a few things that I knew that would be helpful to my daughter. I send her prayers and quotes that I know she would like and she has been copying them in. She is now off and running with the concept, on her own and says that she likes it too. She chuckled when she read some of the prayers that I say for her. She said, "Thanks, Mom. This is nice to see what you are praying for me." I had a pregnancy journal and that had prayers for the three of us. Those are treasured memories now. I hope that this journal will continue to be a blessing. I love it so far. Thank you for our coffee chat. I really got a lot out of it!

  8. I went to the Pinterest page, but I'm trying to find a link for Michele's Spurgeon quote.


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