Stone Soup for Five: Motivation Wednesday: The Best Books, Blogs, and Scopes

Motivation Wednesday: The Best Books, Blogs, and Scopes

I really wanted this post series to be "Motivation Monday," because it sounds so cool, but really I need motivation most when it all comes crashing down around Tuesday night...

I want to share things that help keep me motivated to power through to the weekend, and finish the week strong.  For this week's post, let's talk about a couple books, blogs, and podcasts to help get you headed strong through the rest of this week.

Early last year I listened to the audio book Manage your Day-to-Day:  Build your Routine, Find your Focus, and Sharpen your Creative Mind.  Right after I finished listening to it, I bought it to review when I feel my motivation slipping.  It has short chapters that take 5 minutes or less and big, bold quotes scattered throughout the book.  Each section is written by a different author that shares their thoughts and tips on routine, focus, and creativity.  It's actually book one of a three-book series by 99U, who also have a very informative website.  These are, however, secular sites and books so there may be mention of "the universe" or other such nonsense.  But the book is great!

One I've just started, and love already is Michael Hyatt's book Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life you Want.  I'm only on step one, but it's packed with motivation and hope!

Some of my favorite motivation Periscope channels for inspiration and motivation are:

MacKenzie Monroe from Bold Turquoise.  MacKenzie does a Periscope morning show every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and she talks about homeschooling, planners, Bible study, and living a life that Cultivates the Lovely.  She also has a great podcast you won't want to miss.

Mattieologie.  Mattie James records hard hitting but inspiring scopes usually while doing something else (driving to the gym, putting on makeup... it cracks me up), but boy, can this girl NAIL it.  In 2010 she won the Miss Liberia USA title and started her blog about fashion and lifestyle, but she also blogs on business, focus, and working hard.  I have tons of Mattieologie quotes written all over in my bullet journal and on sticky notes.  Last week's scope quote: "Be committed to follow through."  You can find all her scopes on

Okay, so let's end this Motivation Wednesday with a question to focus on:

What is one unfinished project/loose end/to-do that you can finish up before Friday?

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  1. Thanks for the link to the Cultivating the Lovely podcast! I hadn't heard of this one yet and it looks right up my alley. :) Also I may look into that audiobook...

  2. Hi Kari. All the above information looks and sounds great. I'm curious - did you order and read the 3-book series by 99U or did you find the first book, alone, sufficient enough for what you needed? Thanks......Linda E.


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