Stone Soup for Five: Plan your weekend like a vacation! Ideas for intentional rest and fun

Plan your weekend like a vacation! Ideas for intentional rest and fun

What does your ideal weekend look like?
Not, obviously, your ideal VACATION weekend, but just your ideal, normal, staying around home, weekend.  Make a list of maybe the top 4-5 things you would love to do on a weekend that you would make it ideal.

My list looks like this:

-I'd probably go for a local walk or hike someplace close...a nature park that I haven't been to before
-Get a fancy coffee out with my husband
-Spend some time (hopefully in that park with a coffee in hand) sketching something from nature
-Read for a good solid hour
-Play a board game or two with the boys or Corey
-Make time for tea and a snack or dessert with our teapot set

Now make a list of things that you usually leave for the weekend that you would love NOT to do.  I'd love to not have to:

-Do laundry
-Plan/prep homeschool
-Grocery shop/meal plan
-Go to Costco (weekends are CRAZY there!)
-Run errands
-Clean house

Look over your lists and see what you can do during spare or wasted moments during the week... like the times waiting in the car (write a grocery list or menu), or time spent watching TV or on social media.

Use those gap times, the "lost" moments, to prep for your weekend and make it something amazing that you and your family look forward to!  Think of all you could do if you were intentional about working hard to free up those tasks that usually default to the weekend.

-Re-start a hobby that has fallen to the side
-Read a book at an hour that you can actually focus and enjoy it
-Go on a local walk or hike to someplace new
-Go for a country drive or bike ride
-Visit an independent coffee shop or bookstore and browse
-Bless someone (take a friend a meal that you doubled this week, take cookies to firefighters or police officers)

Plan today what you would have to do for the rest of this week to make this happen:
-Finish a load or two of laundry
-Dig out board games or your sketchbook
-Go to the library or pick out a book to read
-Buy some yarn or find a new free pattern online to start knitting or crocheting again ( has great freebies!)
-Double a meal and freeze to give to a friend
-Get ingredients to make a special dessert or cookies
-Look online for local hiking trails or parks to visit

Plan your weekend today, like it is going to be a tiny vacation.  Work hard and with intention for the rest of this week to make the weekend something special and restful.

If you didn't catch it, I did a live video on Facebook about this very topic.  You can watch it here:

So let's hear it.  What is your ideal weekend?  Tell me at least ONE TO-DO and ONE TO-NOT-DO for this weekend and what you can do to make it happen!