Stone Soup for Five: My friend's goals for 2016

My friend's goals for 2016

I am so inspired when I read other people's goals.  Especially other people like me, who are real life people with families and kids who are just trying to do this life as best as they can.

I'm trying to talk a few of them into sharing their goals with all of us, and couple have agreed.... some make huge goals (like this friend) and some set smaller ones, but all are very exciting to read.  When I think of a new year, a whole 12 months rolled out in front of me, I get excited! I hope you're as inspired as I am to always keep pushing to improve and to strive to do a little better each year.

This first friend of mine is a stay-at-home mom, with three young children.  The family loves the outdoors and are currently DIY-ing their fixer-up home.  She volunteers as a teacher at a homeschool co-op and is always striving to grow spiritually.  She is very creative and her goals always help me evaluate my own.  She and I both set very aggressive goals, but don't always meet them (me, more than her).  If you start to get overwhelmed reading them, concentrate instead on the bold items.  Breaking big goals down into smaller monthly goals always help make them manageable, and I love how she did that, making a big list more do-able. But enough of my words, here are her 2106 goals:

Goals for 2016

My spiritual goals are the most important of all my goals, because the state of my heart with God flows into all other areas of life. Studying the Word, Scripture memorization, recounting God’s faithfulness, and pursuing God in prayer are the four areas I will focus on this year.
  • Do an in-depth study of the book of Jonah with my husband
  • Complete the Behold Your God study (this is a DVD guided study, workbook is linked)
  • Read through The Valley of Vision prayers
  • Review Romans 1-6 and memorize Romans 7-9
    • January: Review Romans 1-3 to perfection
  • Keep a blessings journal with 1+ entries per week
  • Transcribe the book of Proverbs into a Scripture journal
    • January: Transcribe chapters 1-3
  • Journal about our lives weekly

Marriage & Family
My ministry to my husband is my most important ministry of all. If I am too busy to fulfill my role to him, then I am too busy. I will strive this year to make my home a haven for my husband and the children. I will strive to live out the gospel to my children and always point them to Christ.
  • Make it a habit to pray privately with my husband every day
  • Write him a love note each week
  • Read to the children daily for 15+ minutes
    • January: 18/31
(set out books the night before, rotate through all our children’s books)
  • Stay consistent with family devotions
    • January: Joseph’s life
  • Plan a weekend getaway with my husband to somewhere special
  • Plan and go on a week-long camping trip in July to the Oregon coast
(discuss budgeting goals for this and a plan to achieve them)
  • Go on a camping trip to North Cascades National Park
  • Begin teaching the boys the Shorter Catechism
    • January: Complete first 10 questions
  • Help the boys memorize Fighter Foundation Verses
    • January: Complete first 5 verses
  • Do preschool lessons with oldest 2+ times a week

Health & Fitness
My health and fitness are important primarily because maintaining them allows me to best serve my family and others. I will set monthly fitness goals. I will also complete the Health Challenge and focus on one area of my health each month.
  • Complete the Health Challenge w/ weekly check-ups
    • January: Cut out sugar
  • Make monthly fitness goals
    • January: Do 30+ minutes of workout 5 days/week

Personal & Intellect
Goals in this category keep my mind active, continue my self-education, and broaden my perspective and understanding as a Christian. I will strive to pursue goals in this area that can ultimately be used to serve others (teach the kids Spanish, discuss current issues with my students, enhance life experiences as a family).
  • Learn knots for outdoor use
    • January: Trucker’s hitch, double fisherman’s, alpine butterfly
  • Pursue study of Spanish
(The kids are learning Spanish! Keep conversing with them every day.)
  • Listen to Al Mohler’s The Briefing podcast at least once a week
  • Participate in the 2016 Reading Challenge; read a minimum of 40 books
    • January: 3/40
  • Practice guitar at least once a week
  • Study American history by teaching it at co-op

Relationships & Ministry
These goals seek to bless and serve those outside our immediate family. I will strive to facilitate Christian fellowship through hospitality, evangelize in my relationships with unbelievers, and build meaningful relationships with my students.
  • Host dinner for every family in our church
  • Continue to serve in the music ministry
  • Organize literature circle nights with co-op history class
    • January: Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • Start a book study with a sister in Christ
  • Teach co-op high school history class
  • Clean the church once a month as a family
  • Write a note of encouragement to someone every other week

Administrative & Domestic
As a keeper of the home, I will strive for the virtues of the Proverbs 31 woman. I will seek to manage our finances wisely, pursue the remodeling of our home, and seek for ways to be frugal and increase our opportunities to be debt-free.
  • Finish remodeling our house/ready to sell by December ‘16
  • Increase mortgage payment
  • Establish a living trust for our children
  • Plan and plant a vegetable garden
  • Buy a canner and can our own produce
  • Declutter all paper and set up a new filing system
  • Stick to a $0-based budget and have weekly budget meetings
  • Pay off entire balance of Home Depot card
This category is still pending. While we want very much to pursue this endeavor, we need to decide whether or not we will have time for it this year if our goal is to completely finish the house.

  • Launch an Etsy account
  • Build a website/blog, FB page, and Pinterest page
  • Build an inventory of 30+ items for sale
  • Establish a quality method for taking photos of stock
  • Purchase a booth at the county fair and market our products (?)

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  1. Wow, that's quite a set of goals! But I love, love, love how she's broken her goals into categories with specific steps of action. Gives me a format to follow. God bless you and your friend in your accomplishing your goals.

    1. I know! She has some great ones and it's always inspiring to me to read them!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is inspiring to read the goals of others! I need too me looking back at my goals for the year and refine them. Too see where I am succeeding and what I need to improve on.


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