Stone Soup for Five: Most read posts of 2015

Most read posts of 2015

It's always fun to see which posts resonated most with people over the year, and here are the top 10 posts from 2015:

When I originally wrote this, I was going for 10 spiritual goal ideas, but kept coming up with more!  This post was picked up by Crystal Paine and even made it into her Makeover Your Mornings course, which was fun!  

This post was just a doodle I was doing for myself one morning and put it up on the blog in the hopes that it might encourage other people.  If I knew it would have been so popular I would have probably taken more time to make it "pinterest-worthy".  But, I am a seat-of-my-pants kind of person, so you get a lot more real than pretty around here!

These were inspired by a youtube video I found and went crazy from there!  I still use my prayer binder and though it's not the ONLY way to pray, it certainly is a wonderful one.  I recently re-read The Hour that Changes the World too, and will continue to re-visit that book.  Definitely one to purchase!

This post wasn't written in 2015, but was one of the top viewed posts of the year.  

My favorite series of the year was the 28 days in Acts posts.  Such a fun book to doodle and journal through.  Some pages are full of doodles, and some are simple lists and either way, it was a great book to think though!

This Bible journal was my original one, the one I messed up in, left blank pages in, and the one that eventually inspired the Journal and Doodle Bible studies.  This post wasn't written in 2015 but was still very popular!

I hope you enjoyed hanging around the blog in 2015.  Which posts would you like to see for 2016?

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