Stone Soup for Five: Handmade Christmas Ideas that you don't have to make!

Handmade Christmas Ideas that you don't have to make!

I love handmade Christmas gifts, especially those that I don't have to make!  So I gathered a few for you from my lovely sponsors, and elsewhere on the internet!

1.  Sue Kemnitz has items made out of some of her wonderful art including a pillow or bag, iPhone case, or framed art.

2.  Don't forget her coloring pages too, bundle those with a pack of colored pencils and you've got a fun and simple gift done!

3.  Penny Bennett has a wonderful selection of bags and totes, and if you order soon, they'll be done by Christmas!

She has everything from extra large travel bags, to small tissue holders and pen pouches.  Mixing some coloring pages from Sue and colored pencils in a pen pouch?  Awesome gift!

4.  For friends who need a great Bible tote, Penny's totes are ideal.  Perfect size, and a wonderful selection.  Add in a gift Bible and you have another wonderful gift!

5.  For some great jewelry, key chains, or handprinted t-shirts, check out Rachaels' etsy shop, This Word's for You.  I recently bought a necklace from her that I really like.  Simple and meaningful items.  She's not a sponsor, but I really love her stuff!

6.  Maybe not so handmade, but a good gift to give for the planner nerds in your life is a classic Moleskine notebook and a card with a link to Ryder's Bullet Journal video.  I am a firm believer that no one can ever have enough journals or Bullet Journaling.  (Oh and add in a pack of Sharpie no bleed pens, because they're awesome for this!)

7.  Every year for our neighbor who has everything, we make up a jar or gift basket with some natural products from Burt's Bees or a small pack of spices from Penzey's. I think this year we'll do something similar with a tea time gift jar.  Search Pinterest for Gift Jar and you'll have all the ideas you'll ever need!

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  1. I had no idea you used Penzey's! They ROCK!! We are such kindred spirits. =)

    1. LOVE Penzey's! What are your top three from them? Ours: Adobo, Frozen Pizza Seasoning, and Trinidad (AH-MAZING on salmon!)


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