Stone Soup for Five: The most important thing you'll learn from the Corinthians

The most important thing you'll learn from the Corinthians

The Corinthian church was a church of men and women saved from a culture of idolatry, lust, gluttony, greed, and sin.  It was the first Christian church in a very dark, dark culture.  The apostle Paul planted the church in Corinth and labored to see them grow in the wisdom of God.

But, left in a dark culture, instead of shining out as lights, they mixed the world's wisdom with God's wisdom and ended up in a hot mess.  There is never anything good that comes out of two things that should not be mixed:  Baking soda and vinegar, orange juice after toothpaste, or milk duds and tooth fillings.

But, thankfully, we can glean a lot of wisdom from the Corinthians and avoid the same mistakes ourselves.  In this study we'll learn all about the results of mixing the world's widsom with God's wisdom.

Are you falling into the world's way of thinking?  
How can you be sure?

The Corinthian Christians show us the results of mixing worldly wisdom with God's wisdom and the results:

It causes arguments, divisions, confusion, and idolizing man.
Worldly wisdom does not bring people to God.
It causes factions, jealousy, strife.
It encourages us to "build cheap" and do easy things.
It teaches us to be suspicious and doubtful.
To give up if something is too hard or too long.
To live in arrogance and pride and imitate the popular.
It lies that a little sin is okay, and tolerance is everything.
Do what feels good and demand your rights in everything.
It ruins others, leads to sin, and makes arrogant.

If you're facing something in your life today that is too hard, is taking too long, or that you've already given up on...this study is for you.

If you are building your life with cheap and easy materials, living on default, a victim of convenience, comfort, and hours wasted online...this study is for you.

If you're sick to death of your budget always being short and never having enough at the end of the month to give...this study is for you.

If your exhausted from the same old struggle, with the same old sins, day after day, year after year...this study is for you.

The Corinthians were living the same struggles, and Paul empowers and teaches them that there is a better way, an answer to all of these struggles, and a way to live victoriously through Christ.

Join thousands of others as we dig out these truths and learn real life, rubber-meets-the-road application so you can put Paul's answers to work in your life today.

This week only, both the studies are available as a package special, along with 4 free doodle sheets, for one low price of $10.  Special ends on August 9th and won't be available again.

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