Stone Soup for Five: Awesome New Tote Bags and a COUPON (just for you!)

Awesome New Tote Bags and a COUPON (just for you!)

Penny has been up to her usual AWESOMENESS and has made some BRAND NEW bags and totes this month!  I'll let Penny walk you through all of her gorgeous new offerings!
(all pictures are clickable and will take you to Penny's Etsy shop.)

I'm excited to announce my new Zipped PBT.  I've had customers ask for a zipper to protect their Bible from the elements and simply because they like a little closure.  This is my solution to that dilemma. The new zipped PBT is a bit taller than the open top so it will close when loaded. 

There's a new accessory!  The Petite Zipper pouch is the perfect for your lipstick, chapstick, mints, license, etc. It's a great addition to the Bible Tote!  It comes with an optional swivel clasp so it will hook on your key ring or bag.

.New Pen Pouches are available in all prints.  I haven't had a chance to get them all in my stores but Stone Soup for Five readers are welcome to make a custom request anytime!

New Spring fabrics are in the store too! 

And as readers of Stone Soup for Five, you can TAKE 20% OFF when you shop with your  exclusive Stone Soup COUPON CODE: SSoup20.

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