Stone Soup for Five: Things to Share--What I've Been Dreaming About

Things to Share--What I've Been Dreaming About

So I'm in a group to review a new book coming out soon called How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird by Amy Lively.  You will definitely hear more about it when I get it in my hands.  I joined Amy's launch group because I've been convicted about how long we've lived here (12 years!) and how few of our neighbors we know.  Really, it's pathetic.  I'm so comfortable just being me, in my house, and not doing much else.

Like I said, I haven't even gotten Amy's book yet, but it must be rolling around in my head already because I was wide awake this morning with PLANS and IDEAS and WISHES.  See, when it's planned, and ready, and I'm recharged (MAJOR introvert here) I really enjoy having people over.  Amy's upcoming book has got me thinking that I cannot continue to be a hermit forever if I'm going to share the love of Jesus with people around me, right?

So I woke up with ideas... that I'm sure Corey will love (once we all fully recover from the flu--VPM did NOT work this time, ugh).  You see, the reality of it is, we live in a teeny tiny 1970's ranch house.  Just a hair over 1000 square feet .  That makes big gatherings really, really crowded and tricky.   BUT, we have a HUGE backyard.  And a bonus is it was professionally landscaped by the original owners so it's pretty nice when we keep it up (and very weedy if I don't stay on it!).

Anyway, back to what woke me up.

photo from The Neighbor's Table Facebook page

I want to do a Neighbor's Table in our backyard.  For friends, church members, family, and especially NEIGHBORS.  Actually, I don't want to, but I do want to... I'm torn.  I have all these worries, fears, doubts and what if's.  But I also have this overwhelming desire to make the most of the time we have, the neighbors, friends, and family we have and DO something memorable to share our common love of Christ, or introduce others to Him.  Even more than the "don't want to's" and fears bouncing around in my head.

I've been lurking around the edges of the idea for months now.  I first heard about The Neighbor's Table from Jon Acuff, he briefly mentioned attending one that sounded like a blast.  And then I found their facebook page and fell in love with the huge table, smiling faces, white twinkling lights.  It just looks amazing.

But what about a table big enough?

Enter Ana White.  We've made a few of her things before and they always work and are long lasting and super sturdy.  Corey made a farmhouse bench years ago and it is still the most used piece of furniture in our dining room. So I searched a few of her tables and there are a ton of brag posts of great modifications done to make them extra big.  We could totally do this! (I'd want to add tall posts or bars or something up from each corner of the table so we could string lights across the top, to light it up all night if we need to!)

Then I saw a post about a curved bench to go around the firepit we made years ago and, you know, if we're dreaming, let's dream big!

And while Corey and I are building these items, I'd have the boys get to work on making a giant jenga set and a giant checkers set, or just cut some wood rounds and paint a checkerboard on our current patio.  My boys even want to invite friends over to help build the game pieces.  A party for a party.

So, something like this is going to happen this summer.  It may not be as elaborate as I'd like, but there will be a big table, lights, mason jars to drink out of, and a giant jenga set.  Then we'll go from there.

So now, here's your challenge. How can you work around your current restrictions (like our tiny house, and introvertedness) to make a difference in the lives of those around you?


  1. Our house is next to the church my husband pastors and all of the homes around us have steadily been torn down and replaced with businesses. So it's easy to sit here and say hmph...we have no neighbors! But we kind of do. :-) So I try to make a point to walk over to these businesses when the occasion arises and to be warm and friendly and positive in my interactions. I know that working retail and restaurants can be frustrating with rude customers and difficult co-workers etc. so I try to go and be a bright spot in their day. And I also let them know that we're just right over there at the church if they need anything. We'd love to see them! I'm also trying to be more involved with community groups/events in our small town.

  2. I'm so glad I found this blog! We are so alike its scary. :)
    Blessings to you as you embark on the call God has given you.

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  4. Edited to actually address the challenge you posed at the end of your post~

    I, too, am a small-housed introvert. Several years ago we began 'Spaghetti Tuesdays'. It's a chance for friends/neighbors/coworkers to gather in our home for food and fellowship. A quick once-over of our house before guests arrive and a simple menu allow us to focus on the people attending, not the details.
    Time and again, I've had a front row seat while God brings together the perfect mix of people for that week. More often than not, it's the guests who minister to each other and we're simply providing the occasion for that to happen-- which is a very comfortable place to be for an introvert. ;)
    From one introvert to another, I'm excited for you. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how 'filled' you feel after hosting an evening like you described. I can't wait to read about it!


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