Stone Soup for Five: New items from Penny Bennett Totes!

New items from Penny Bennett Totes!

Penny Bennett is a sponsor of the blog and I want to let you know of some of the cool items she has for sale in her etsy store.

I don't have any sponsors on the blog that I don't absolutely believe in, and all of Penny's items are amazing.  The construction of all of her handmade totes are perfection. 

Have you noticed that the patterns match up exactly on the pockets and totes? That isn't something that happens by accident.

I've had my tote for well over a year now, and the handles are just as sturdy as when I bought it and the whole bag looks just as good as the day I received it all wrapped up in tissue with a sweet card.

But in addition to her bags, she also makes other fun and high quality items like:

zippered clutches

Bible clutches that fold over and tuck in to protect your Bible, plus they are super classy looking!

or writing clutches, the perfect size for your pens and pencils

If you didn't catch the first post about Penny, please take a look at how she makes the bags and runs the business.  Or just pop over to her etsy shop (click below or on the sidebar) and look at the dozens of items she has available to purchase.

They are definitely worth the investment!

Penny Bennett Totes

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  1. The little pouch for all of the writing implements is a great idea to go along with your Bible and journal. I love her attention to detail!


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