Stone Soup for Five: Being Brave as an Introvert--The Neighbor Project

Being Brave as an Introvert--The Neighbor Project

On my heart this week is this book.

I finally got it in the mail and read through half of it this weekend.  Let me just say, Amy is the Real Deal.  She is so honest and open in her book that she is already my friend.  And so far, she has completely nailed me on each of my excuses, but in a very kind and encouraging way.  If you can smack someone up alongside the head in a kind way, Amy figured out how to.

I'm a total introvert and for 12 years I have been perfectly content to just stay in my house, wave at my neighbors and smile and keep going.  And I still want to be that way... but I can't.  I feel led, or convicted, or however you want to word it, that right now is the time to start reaching out to my neighbors.

Will it be hard? YES! I don't want to be outside of where I am cozy and comfy with coffee and books and my quiet backyard.

Will it be awkward?  YES!  For 12 years I've done nothing and now all the sudden I'm knocking on doors offering to feed my neighbors?

Will it be worth it?  I mean, what if it is just weird and strange and nothing happens... but then, what if something does?

What am I hoping happens?  I'm hoping to start forming relationships.  I want to know more about the family on the corner where all the girls wear skirts.  Or the Tibetan Monk (I think that's what he is... he always wears an orange toga and shaves his head and has a huge group of people that come over once a month to learn from him).  I'd also like to know our over-the-fence neighbors and that's scary because the backyard over the fence people put up a solid fence on their side and have called the police on my teens for shooting a BB gun into a hay target (pretty sure they won't be coming).  But there's also the side yard neighbor, the single, older, Chinese lady on the right and the older couple on the left who travel to Arizona for the winter every year.  I know their names, but that's about it.  And what if... guys, what if?!?

So, I talked to my husband, who is also very hesitant and kind of reluctant to do this, but he agreed to try it ONCE and if it's awful, we'll revert to our hermit state and recover.  AND, he agreed to build two huge 8 foot long farm house tables.  We cut, sanded and nailed this beast together and got to do a practice run with family this weekend!  I'll have a post up later this week with all we learned from the trial.

Farmhouse table, modified from and an old bench we had that was too short, so Corey added landing skids (like on a helicopter) and it works great, and yes, we're dorks.  Today they will be painted Seahawks blue!

And, I just wanted to let you guys know where I'm struggling, what I'm having a hard time with, and also that I think if I can push through this hard place, the results on the other side will be amazing.  (And if they're not, I'll write Amy and tell her she was WRONG, that loving your neighbors IS weird !)  But I have a feeling it's going to be awesome.  And since this blog is all about Being Brave Anyway, I guess I have to do something brave once in a while too, right?

P.S.  I'm not getting paid or anything for this book.  I got a copy of it, agreed to read it, and honestly tell you what I think of it.  And even though I'm only half way through, I can honestly say, click the link and buy the book.  It comes out on Thursday this week.  Even if you NEVER EVER EVER want to share with your neighbors, do it anyway.  Really.  Click here.  Order.  You, me, Amy, and Jesus could change someone's life forever.

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