Stone Soup for Five: Weekly Bullet Journal review and link up!

Weekly Bullet Journal review and link up!

This week was a weird week.  I wasn't sick, but wonder if I was still recovering from that nasty virus I had last week because I had NO ENERGY(or maybe I was just being lazy).  So my Bullet Journal list grew and grew, and as you can see, next to nothing got done.  But the magic of the bullet journal is that I won't forget all the things I was supposed to do.  I just move them to next week and try again.

I did take some time early this morning to think through what I really wanted to do and didn't accomplish and why.

And this week I also was able to work quite a bit on setting up a card file box for home and life organization.  I'm still working on it, and didn't do it perfectly, but it helped.  It's a lot like FLYlady, just in a box on 3x5 cards instead of a list to follow.  I like this because it's more in my face and harder to ignore if I have 3x5 cards sitting out on my desk.  It's based on the Side Tracked Home Executives system, with some life stuff thrown in there in addition to cleaning lists.

My house isn't that horribly messy, but my mind IS.  I have a thousand things bouncing around in here and three teen boys who take up most of that head space which means I cannot remember what I went into a room for.  This system helps a lot with that.

I also have a file folder system set up the same way. Each morning I pull out my cards from above, and my folder for that day, and see what I have going on that day.  The folders hold my papers, notes, reminders, bills, ads, etc.  I also put a copy of my 2015 goals in here, and review them daily.

And speaking of goals, I finally finished writing them out.  I know it's March already, but I finished them before the first quarter of the year was up!
If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I was able to book a hotel stay for me and Corey toward the end of this month (we have never EVER done this!) and that will meet a major goal for me of going away with just him and I once a quarter.  So excited!  The boys are all confused as to why and what and how this will all work... so am I.  It's going to be a first!

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  1. I was encouraged to see your bullet journal. It looks like a lot of my days.....and a lot of what I would write too. Although I'm not as brave as you to show my lists of unchecked boxes to others. So I thank you for showing yours.....that was brave and transparently real......thanks for setting that example and thanks for being real. It feels good to know that I'm not the only one like me.

  2. I saw your post about the bullet journal and am very intrigued. Is there a way to combine it and a prayer journal do you think??

    1. Definitely. That's the beauty of the Bullet Journal, you can make it work however you want it to... even changing week by week (which I am the Queen of)!


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