Stone Soup for Five: Things to share--Quick breakfast ideas

Things to share--Quick breakfast ideas

Breakfasts around here have changed a lot over the years.  Last summer, I had the boys each be responsible to purchase and make and clean up a meal once a week.  It was great, but with school back in session, it just wasn't working. Especially for those days they had procrastinated all day and weren't even close to done at dinner time.

So for the school year, I changed the plan to once a week having them make a breakfast for everyone, and I would clean up the mess (they still clean up after dinner).  While it's not QUITE as good as the dinner plan, it's still keeping them in the kitchen and expanding what they can cook.

I still cook a few mornings a week, but I do it by cooking on the weekend and then reheating.  Makes my breakfast days so so much quicker!  Here are some of my go-to recipes for quick breakfasts.

My favorites to freeze for the boys:
I'll usually pick just one or two of these to make ahead.  I'll do it on my Meal Prep Saturday Mornings and make a bunch, cool, then freeze in ziploc bags.

French Toast--just make as usual, cool, and bag up.  Each slice can be heated in the microwave or toaster.

Pancakes/waffles--just like the French toast, freeze and toast.

Muffins and scones--Just make up the recipe of either and freeze before baking. Freeze the muffin batter in a gallon ziploc bag, the scones I pat into the shape, cut into wedges and freeze in wax paper or a ziploc bag.

Breakfast burritos--I scramble eggs, dice bacon, sausage, or ham (or go meatless), add shredded cheese, roll, and freeze.  For the grown-up version, I love to add sauteed onions, peppers, spinach, or whatever else sounds good.  Also they are TO DIE FOR with a few dashes of Penzy's Adobo Seasoning.  AMAZING.

McMom's--I like to make super easy and yummy McMuffins at home.  Great to grab and go and add more to them after heating if you like (avocado, Adobo, tomatoes, etc.)  The Yummy Life has it all laid out for you here.

My favorites to make for Corey and me:

Smoothies--I like to bag frozen fruits in a sandwich bag and keep in the door of the freezer for quick smoothies.  BUT, I think this week I'm going to try this version from the yummy life.

Refrigerator Oat Porridge--In the summer we love these refrigerator oats.  It's almost time!

Granola--We love this with Greek Yogurt.

I LOVE and we all do their workouts throughout the week.  I loved this blog post they did on meal prep.

If you have any great recipes you love, be sure to share in the comments!

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