Stone Soup for Five: Weekly Review and Planner Link Up!

Weekly Review and Planner Link Up!

It's that time of the week again to see how I did this week on my goals and plans.  This week I was thinking about Larry Winget's book I listened to with the boys a while back, called You're Broke Because You Want to Be.  (Note: he does use a bit of mild language and some pretty blunt answers), and in one part he says that you can usually figure out one thing that you could do that would change everything in each area of your life.  Then he proved it by having you pause the CD and think of that one thing.  Surprisingly, each of my boys NAILED it, and I was able to think of the "one things" in the areas of my life I'm working on too.  (Now, the implementation of the one thing is what's hard!)

For my blog, I think the one thing that I should be working on that will make the biggest difference in my life and message is to finish writing the Bible Studies through the New Testament.  That will be a big goal, but one I'd LOVE to reach this year!

For our finances my one thing is to track every single dollar I spend. I've started that with a cash notebook I picked up for a few dollars at Bimart.  I also started a best prices list as suggested in Living Well Spending Less (review coming next week!) and keep it in my purse.  I have to get into the habit of requesting a receipt for EVERY THING, and I keep it in my wallet until I can add it to the notebook.  It has already helped make me sick with how much money I WASTE! Ugh!

For our homeschool my one thing is to live one day at a time.  I tend to get overwhelmed and panicky when I think of the week, or the end of the year, or especially next year.  I need to just live in today.  So I try to reset each night and focus on just today.  I need to do corrections JUST FOR TODAY.  I need to review and help the boys JUST FOR TODAY.

Here's my weekly Bullet Journal layout and how I did.  (The filled in boxes are the ones I completed.  Half filled in, was half done.  The empty means I did nothing on them and they get moved to next week.  And the check in the box means it was written down to do on my daily page.)

That circled section was a habit I'm trying to implement from a book I'm reading called Level Up Your Day.  It's full of great information and is the second book by this author I've read.  This one is more basic, and would be great for someone looking to learn exactly how to figure out morning routines, habits, etc.  One section was on tiny habits and stacking new habits onto habits you already have... that is what the circled notes are for.  I'm in the habit of having the boys clean the kitchen, and am trying to work in building the habit of an evening routine, so I am tacking it on to that.  I was able to do it at least 3x last week, so still working on it, but it is progress!

I also took notes on a book I just finished by Elisabeth Elliot  called Discipline, The Glad Surrender(the first book I've read by her, and it was great), and notes on the other book I mentioned above, Level Up Your Day.

On the right page there, I took notes on a sermon (I forgot to bring my Bible Journal!).  We are going over Ephesians and there is one verse that I've never fully understood that our pastor went over well, so I was excited to add notes to that.  I'll transfer these to my Bible journal so I can have them there too.

How did you do?  I'd love to learn from you! Please link up below and share what is working for you as far as planning and scheduling!


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