Stone Soup for Five: That heart-wrenching final play in the Super Bowl, and what to learn from it.

That heart-wrenching final play in the Super Bowl, and what to learn from it.

We are HUGE Seahawks fans. #GoHawks!

And to see our team overcome difficulties early on in the season and come back as well as they did was amazing.  (And those last four minutes of the Green Bay playoff game, WOW!)

But that last drive of the Superbowl was heart wrenching to watch and left all of us in our house amazed and speechless.  Stunned, really.
That was our winning touchdown.  That was our Superbowl.

But one bad call, and everything changed.

photo credit: The Boston Herald 

I read an interview with Pete Carroll who admitted not only his fault (I respect people so much when they are honest and open with their mistakes), but also gave me insight on why (WHY OH WHY?!?) they chose to go with throwing the ball on the 1 yard line on only the second down. (WHY!?)

"I told those guys, 'That's my fault, totally,' " Carroll said on NBC's postgame show. "But we had plenty of time to win the game ... we were playing for third and fourth down, give them no time left ... but didn't work out that way."  -Pete Carroll

 And as much as I HATE the loss and the hard work the team went through for it to end that way, it got me thinking about the call, the statement by the coach, and my own life.

I don't claim to know all there is to know about football, but I do understand the basics of the game.  And reading that statement from Carroll, it looks to me like they were looking too far ahead of themselves.  They were looking to the third and fourth downs and planning for those (which, I understand, you have to do in football), but they weren't fully living in that second down moment, and it cost them everything.

That, my friends, is how I usually live my life.  I am always looking ahead to the next week, month, year--when I'm hoping things will be easier, better financially, the boys will be more mature, I will be more mature, etc. 

But, like the game, I can be so focused on the future that I forget about the here and now and risk losing it all.

My Hawks left that field in a flurry of anger, tears, and deep loss because of a poor choice on the second down but it can be a winning moment too depending on how I choose to learn from it:

  • I don't need to panic because it looks like the third and fourth down of my oldest's education is looking dismal and bleak... I can instead focus on just today. What do we need to do JUST FOR TODAY, JUST FOR THIS SECOND DOWN to be successful.

  • I don't need to allow discouragement to creep in because our finances are not where I'd like them to be at this stage in life, but I can instead focus on JUST TODAY... what can I do JUST FOR THIS SECOND DOWN to have a small success?

  • I don't need to give up on all my plans for eating healthy because I didn't make wise choices the night before (SuperBowl!).  I can choose to live in this second chance day and eat right TODAY.

I'm so very sad for my Hawks and the heartbreak they are feeling today.  But I know they will come back stronger from the lesson and I hope every time I think of it, it will remind me to keep my head in the second down and live there for today.  

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