Stone Soup for Five: Being Mentored by Sally Clarkson

Being Mentored by Sally Clarkson

I don't really mean to brag, but I was recently mentored by Sally Clarkson.  I think it's pretty cool! 
And what's even more amazing?  

I've never seen her except in a one by one pic on the back cover of books.

And I've never talked with her about anything--which is probably best, because in face to face conversations, I tend to speak occasionally, rather than shut up, listen, and glean.

But have, instead, sat at her feet, got small glimpses into a peace-filled, family-oriented, and God-focused beautiful life.

And I got those glimpses into her life and mentoring through her new book, Own Your Life.  And let me tell you, this book is packed full of great stuff, Sally is the real deal.  One caveat, however, is that in reading this book there were a few times when I would well up with trembling tears over how it seems that she perfectly raised her kids, who love her and the Lord, and how hopeless I often feel in this area.  BUT, I have to remember...


 I don't have kids away at college or starting families yet... THERE IS STILL HOPE.  So instead of feeling insufficient and like a failure, I'm choosing to read her little vignettes of parenting as hope of what COULD be... and being content with where God has us as a family, but striving for more of Christ reflected in my life (which, when you've spent time with Sally, even in a book, you can clearly see Christ's reflection in her own life.)

But, this isn't really a parenting book, she's written those here and here.  This is more of a YOU book.  How to get YOU to the BEST YOU.  How to Own Your Life.

Chapters like "Don't settle for Mediocre", "Mapping Your Life Purpose", and "Building Mental Muscle" really speak to me in life right now.  And she's got some great questions to get you thinking too.

This is definitely going to be a "keep it and write in it" book, and already has lots of dog ears and underlines.   Highly recommended.

*I was given a copy of this book free from the publisher, with no threats or promises to give a good review.  And the links above are all affiliate links. If you buy from there, you help support this blog and feed or never-full teen boys.

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