Stone Soup for Five: Weekly Randomness

Weekly Randomness

I quit Facebook at the beginning of January and it's been hard (very similar to being sucked in a black hole), but good.  I've been clearer minded and off the computer more, which is always good.  I've also got time to work on goals, if I discipline myself to do so...

I also started out this week with a new calendar to check off and keep going on memorizing James... and I promised to update you on how I did.  Well, the good news? I didn't need to take a new picture.  The bad news.  I did nothing on it.  --sigh--

The boys and I were able to participate in a Police Riot Training day and it was crazy fun.  My boys, three of their friends, and I showed up at the location and were asked if we wanted to be the regular "easy going" protesters or the anarchists who stayed for the duration.  Of course I chose the latter.  The boys all had "deer in the headlights" looks, especially when they said we MIGHT get shot with simunition and/or shoved around.

When we got outside with the rest of the group of volunteers, they told us to be LOUD and IN-YOUR-FACE to the police (but not to touch them, because if we touched them, we could get "arrested"), and the anarchists were not to get arrested, yet.

So because the group were people who were actually there to SUPPORT the police and assist in the training, it was pretty mellow at first to say the least.  We would kind of chant "Save the monkeys" then pause and look around as the police formed a line about 20 feet from us, in all their riot gear and face shields and night sticks.

Eventually the coordinator told us we really needed to pick it up, so some men in the group started yelling and getting close to the police.  The coordinator also wanted us to group in different areas and surge toward the police occasionally.  On one such surge, I was shoved to the front of the group, and pushed into a police officer's night stick.  Before I even knew what happened, I was pulled through the police line and had a chance to resist arrest... as any proper anarchist would.  I was screaming "NO!" and jerking my arms but instantly had them pulled behind my back and two police officers firmly and efficiently guiding me away from the group.  I may or may not have screamed, at the top of my lungs, "SAAAVEEEE THE MONKEYSSSSSSSSS!!!!" as I was being carted off.

My youngest son and his friend peacefully walked away from the group when the officers asked them if they would like to leave (what kind of anarchy is that?!)  My oldest didn't leave at the initial invitation and was escorted off with his arms pinned and two police officers joining him.  And my middle son, the most mellow and laid back of them all. Sat on the pavement, crossed his legs and shoved and fought as they pulled him to his feet and dragged him off. 

We also ran a second scenario where we got "gassed" by a smoke grenade (how cool is that?) and got to lob random golf and tennis balls at the officers.  Two men got shot with simunition at that scenario and we all got shoved back with the solid wall of police officers trying to contain us.

After all the excitement, the officers brought in 40 pizzas (in a police car, with lights flashing) and a couple dozen sodas and ate dinner with us.

I consider that a Homeschool Win for the week!  
(Let's not focus on the calendar and the lack of memory work, k?)

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