Stone Soup for Five: Things I learned this week...

Things I learned this week...

I really do not enjoy memorizing scripture.  Honestly. It is hard work.  Harder, even, then trying to re-learn algebra.  But, the reward is far more valuable.  So I will keep pushing through.  This school year my youngest son and I are memorizing the book of James.  He is doing great... me, not so much.

I re-joined Scripture Typer and am making it my goal to read through James 50 times... back in our dating days, Corey and I read through the book of 1 Thessalonians 50 times, and were able to pretty much quote the entire book with only a few helps without even trying to memorize it.  So that's one of my goals this school year.  Read it 50 times.  It's work.  I feel like a failure when I don't do it, but if I let that crush me, I'll never get to it.

So I'm getting a calendar printed and going to put a red X through the days I read James.  I'm not going for perfect, but am working toward MORE.  I'll post a pic next week of how I did.

I really DO enjoy reading but rarely make the time.  I have a stack of books to read, some blogger review books that I really need to review and post about, but consistently it gets pushed out of my day.  I know it's important for learning, enjoying, and down time, but I'm not making it the priority it should be. So frustrating!  Will think through where to make this a habit this week and post my results next week.

Being off Facebook is good.  I HATE it, but it's good.  After a week of being off, I already feel less muddled and more focused.  It was so weird, because anytime I came to the computer to do something specific or even to waste time, I would automatically click on that blue box on my bookmark toolbar and immediately my mind would be wiped.  I would have no idea what I originally came to the computer to do, and I'd have lost 40 minutes of time to NOTHING.

It stinks though, because I can't just pop in and post a funny story or a cool picture.  But, instead, I get to do blog posts.  I've already got a great story to tell you about our family "riot" participation.  It's crazy and coming up next week!

I do better with eating when I eat boring.  This is the first week of trying to eat boring.  I'm hoping to teach my brain that food is fuel, not entertainment, so I'm eating the same breakfast and lunch each day with a goal toward eating "Clean" dinners (a note about this below).  I can honestly say I'm pretty tired of Caesar salad, so I need to switch it up this next week, but my morning smoothie has been great and I love it.  Next week is weigh in, so we'll see how it's going.

We have stopped eating dinners together as a family.  And this is NOT good.  The conversation came up at homeschool one day and I asked the boys how often they thought we eat together as a family.  Their first answer "never".  Which TOTALLY isn't true! But that was what it was in their minds.  When I asked them to really think about it, they agreed it really was more like 2 times a week at most (THAT, I agree with) and how sad is that.  I was thinking through why and when we stopped doing it, and it started with them complaining about the food... and boy jokes... and loudness... and it just kinda faded away without me realizing it.  So getting back to this is a priority.  Last week we did much better, eating at least 4 together around the table.  This week I hope to up it to 5.  So that is why we're not eating clean so much this week. We're doing a lot of their favorite meals, just so we can get back to the table.  Clean will start in earnest in two weeks, when I do my next menu plan.

I MUST pre-prep my meals.  MUST.  If I pre-prep it is so much easier to eat boring because it's already there and I don't have to think about it.  AND if I pre-prep it really cuts down on the "tasting" when making dinner, because I usually just have to put it in the oven or crock pot and it's done.

How did I do on my weekly goals?

Not amazing, but not horrible either.  Here's to another week!


  1. That's a good week in my book! I'm going to steal your "no Facebook for a month" icon and post it on Facebook, right before I bail on all them all. Facebook is the biggest love-hate relationship of my entire life. I like the calendar idea with the streaks. I actually use an app called, funny enough, "Streaks" to keep track of stuff I want to do every day and it visually shows how many days in a row I've done it and what my best record was, so I can try to beat it. I wish this meant that I was doing everything on the list, but I'm not type A enough for it to really bother me if I break my streak. #nontypeAproblems

  2. Love the format of that goals "list". Do you do something similar daily or just a regular list? I find memory much easier if I have just the first letter of each word for prompts. ..not sure if Scripture typer has that option.

  3. Just recently started following your blog and am enjoying reading.
    My son is memorizing James as well.
    I went without Facebook- sort of- for the months of November and December because we cut our internet at home. What a difference that made! It was so freeing. I applaud you for letting it go, even if only temporarily.

  4. I love the update!

    For the books I know that "The Best Yes" and "Never Say Diet" are both good reads.... gets you really thinking about what is important to you.

  5. I've been meaning to comment on your blog for awhile just to tell you how much I love reading your stuff. I came across your Bible studies, and in fact, I'm reworking my way through the Romans one right now. This year, I've been working to declutter, which includes my email account. I've unsubscribed from most of my blog updates, but I didn't dare want to lose yours. When you feel like you are writing to no one, I promise that isn't true! Blessings

  6. Don't give up on your memorizing of James! I'm almost done with it. (I did the B. Moore study last spring.) Be sure to ask God to help you with it. That was key for me, I think. Also, I did better with sections of verses rather than singles. Best wishes!!


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