Stone Soup for Five: Pre-prepping meals--The Lettuce

Pre-prepping meals--The Lettuce

This blog post goes out to Jame.

(My brother-in-law who is busy helping my sis-in-law who is very sick right now and struggling with all kinds of ugly health issues.  Jame is my husband's twin brother and they live too far away from us for me to go help like I want to.) 

I hope this helps you, Jame,  pre-prep some of your dinners so when you get home from work the dinner is pretty much made and ready to go.  I hate not being able to help out more, but I hope this helps a little.

NOTE:  I am doing this pretty much like I'd be doing it for Corey, who knows next to nothing about meal prep and cooking.  You probably know a bit more, but just in case, here we go.  Step by step. With pictures!

The Lettuce and Salad Prep

We will eat salads pretty much every day if they are easy to grab and make.  To make it quick during the week, I start by pulling off the outer leaves about halfway down the leaf and soak those in a bowl of cold water to rinse them off for sandwiches.  I used to put the chopped lettuce on the sandwiches, but it falls off and you get those big chunks of crunchy stem, so pinching the tops off works best for us.

While those are soaking, put the rest of the head of lettuce on a cutting board and chop it up.  I slice it down through the centers a few times, turning and slicing about three times.  

 Then chop into bite sized pieces.  Don't mince it too tiny, just a good sized chop.

Step around the helper cat...

Remove the sandwich lettuce leaves from the bowl of water and let drain on a clean towel.  Add the chopped lettuce to the same bowl and zoosh it around a few times with your hand and let it soak for a while.

When it has soaked for a few minutes, I grab it out and put it in a colander gently shaking to get most of the water off.  Then I dump it into our salad spinner/dedicated salad pillow case.  (Which is awesome because it works just as well as the big bowl spinner, but gets washed in the laundry and folds up FLAT to store... not to mention how cheap it is!)

When it's in the pillowcase, take it outside, bunch up the top and zing it around in a circle as fast as you can.  Then shake it a bit and zing it the other way.  Repeat until no more water is flinging out. 
Flex your abs as you are doing to make it an ab workout. Earn bonus health points.

When you are done getting buffed abs and drying the lettuce, add the leaves for sandwiches into a ziploc bag with a papertowel lining one side to absorb moisture.  Add the chopped lettuce to a covered bowl (or an old ice cream container, that got reused as a rice storage container, and is now our lettuce container).

The lettuce done this way will keep well in the fridge for about half a week.  It forces you to have to make salads before it gets rusty.  We usually run out of it before it gets bad though, and if it does start going bad, I know we haven't eaten enough salads that week.  I will do one head of lettuce at a time if it's going to be a week that I know we won't be eating a lot of salad.

And that's it.  Lettuce pre-prepped and ready for the week!

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