Stone Soup for Five: How do you live brave?

How do you live brave?

As some of you might have noticed, I've been tweaking my blog heading and theme this week.  I've been trying to narrow my focus on the top things people are interested in and hone in on what I'm passionate about... and after a lot of thinking, talking, and soul searching it all comes down to 


There are always ALWAYS obstacles.  

Obstacles are what separate the brave life from the average life.  

What I hope this blog does is inspire you to LIVE BRAVE.  I want you to jump into life with both feet and stop messing around with worries and what if's.

For some of us living brave looks like getting out of bed before the kids and taking time to be in solitude with our Creator.

Maybe it's finally sitting down to write out that budget that scares you to death because it's going to radically change your lifestyle.

Others live brave by facing yet another doctor's appointment and possibly bad news, but going anyway.

Some of us might really desire to do more and be more, but are afraid of the work and time it would involve.

A lot of us might have to let some things go--some good things--to have time to do the things that require crazy amounts of bravery and line up with who we are and what we were meant to do.

And some may simply need to be brave by taking the time to sit in silence and figure out what their brave looks like.

I love this theme because it fits in everything that has been popular on this blog so far... and most importantly: I'VE BEEN THROUGH ALL OF THESE, and I bet you have too.

Being brave is taking the time to do art and study in your Bible Journal.

It means preparing for and planning your days and weeks so you can enjoy family, friends and the gift of relaxation.  

It means making that call, going to that scary appointment, waking up at that crazy hour, devoting precious time to the Bible and prayer...

Guys, this is not the stuff of wimps.

This is the brave stuff of heros. 

So starting today, right now, let's make a pact to figure out what our brave looks like and LIVE BRAVE, despite the obstacles.

YOU are a hero.
Let's do this thang!

(If you are brave enough, post what your brave life would look like below. We're all in this together!)

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