Stone Soup for Five: Book Review --Wrecked by Jeff Goins and Inciting Incidents

Book Review --Wrecked by Jeff Goins and Inciting Incidents

I recently found the writer and author Jeff Goins and like all his stuff... as I was looking for more of his books, I saw that two were available to review from Moody Publishers.

I ordered Wrecked, which was written by Jeff Goins
 and also Inciting Incidents, which is a compilation book of 6 stories and 6 different writers.

Wrecked was a good book.  It is a short read of about 150 pages, which was just about perfect all about being wrecked or faced with the brokenness of the world around us and letting that change our life.  Jeff writes with a real, authencit voice and isn't afraid to write about his good and bad decisions, the beauty and ugliness of people he's encountered and mistakes he's made on his journey of serving others. 

At first the book seemed to be speaking more about going on a mission, or to the homeless areas in the big cities and doing something amazing or putting yourself in scary situations... but later on in the book he spends some time clarifying and adding more thoughts to what it really means to be wrecked.

"What it means to be wrecked--what it really means--is that you do the hard thing.  You step into discomfort.... it was and act of courage--doing the right thing, regardless of how you felt.  And this is how life is.  It's the same lesson learned over and over again:  Life is not about you."

another great quote from the last part of the book:

"Our life is not supposed to be about what we think will make for an interesting story.  It's about pouring out the gifts we've been given for the benefit of others..  This may mean living in a leper colony in India or raising five kids in Oklahoma.  It may mean relocating to the inner city and starting a homeless outreach center or taking dinner to your neighbor.  The important part is to embrace the call, whatever it is, and not merely resign to it."

This spoke so loudly into my life.  Me, who is always looking at the big picture and panicking because I haven't done enough, got enough, or prayed enough.  I just need to embrace my call in the here and now.  Right now, that here and now is just living today--JUST TODAY--in this life that I'm in.  Not stressing about if my boys will graduate or ever understand algebra, not whether they'll memorize those 125 vocab words for the big mid term Biology exam.  It's just doing what I can, where I'm at, and trying to be a better Christian today than I was yesterday.

This book came at just the right time and spoke to just the right place to my heart.

The other book, the compilation book, Inciting Incidents, was just kind of "enh" for me.  It's a beautiful book, with lots of art and full color pages inside but the Jeff Goins contribution was basically the same story I read in his Wrecked book above.  And the other stories actually kind of dragged me down a bit.  They were stories of deep depression and struggles with addictions and how the Lord set them free.  I'm all about the set free part, but the detailed descriptions of dark days and turmoil set heavy on me, drawing a dark cloud over my day as I was reading it.    

Maybe it was the time of my life, or the mood I was in while reading it, but I really didn't like this book.   The redemption stories were good, but I couldn't get out from the darkness of their story before Christ.  

Overall, if you have a chance to pick up Wrecked, I'd recommend it.  Be prepared to be challenged to move out of your comfortable life and start looking around you at ways to engage with our broken world.  I wouldn't buy Inciting Incidents, but that is just me.  Evidently everyone on Amazon loves it.  

I received  the books Wrecked by Jeff Goins and Inciting Incidents free from the publisher for a review.  My opinions are my own.

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