Stone Soup for Five: Book Review-- Farewell, Four Waters by Kate McCord

Book Review-- Farewell, Four Waters by Kate McCord

One Aid Worker's Sudden Escape from Afghanistan

Last year, one of the best books I read was In Land of the Blue Burqas by Kate McCord and I loved it.  It gave me new insights into the mysterious and sometimes scary Muslim world and a view into what Muslim women in Afghanistan experience and how they live.

So when the publisher for Kate's new novel, Farewell, Four Waters, asked me to review the book, I immediately accepted.  And though it is not as good as In Land of the Blue Burquas, it still was a fascinating glimpse into Afghanistan culture and Muslim religion.

The novel started very, very slowly.  In fact, if I had not been obligated to review the book, I probably would not have finished it, it was that slow.  But, I pushed through the first 1/3 or so of the book, and am glad I did.  When the main character started interacting with the locals, the book really drew me in.  

In the village of Four Waters, Char Ab--for which the book was named, things got interesting and I really got a taste of Afghanistan and the traditions and culture.  From the people, the women, the relationships, and the way they live in their mud brick houses with no windows, it was fascinating.  I'm so glad I pushed through the tedious detail and slow moving first third of the book, because it was worth it to "see" Char Ab and the characters and messy and very hard life there.

The book ends abruptly and heart wrenchingly, as the title suggests, in a sudden escape from Afghanistan and how the main character worked through the pain and confusion.

Overall it was a good book that I enjoyed and it will definitely stick with me.  I find myself days later thinking about the people of Char Ab and Shekhtan, Afghanistan and wondering.

**This book was given to me for me for review.  The review is honest and my own.**

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