Stone Soup for Five: Review and Reflection on 2014's Goals

Review and Reflection on 2014's Goals

2014 Goals

Finish reading through the Bible ALMOST! So close!
Participate in the 5x5x5 online study Yes!
Meet J 2x a month for Bible study  We did meet at least monthly most of the year!
Listen to the Sermon on the Mount 100 times app too frustrating and glitchy
Finish writing out the book of Proverbs for A and N Finished A, lost momentum on N. :(
Complete a formal Bible study DONE

Plan and schedule 1 fun thing a month as a family Kinda sorta happened, but mostly by chance.
Boys cook: 1 boy, 1 time a week Success! But had to stop once school started, but they learned a lot!
Have M&D  and L&D over 1x a month We managed 2 months of intentionality here.
Anniversary weekend away with just me and Corey Had to miss this, furnace replacement, no extra money.
Read through 4 family/parenting books, and 4 marriage books Almost. Didn’t quite make it with marriage books, but I’m still considering it a WIN for what I did get through.
Books to read Family/parenting & Marriage
Love and Respect in the Family DONE 
Sacred Marriage DONE  
Cleaning House DONE  
Strengthening Your Marriage
Smart Money Smart Kids DONE  
Ministry of Motherhood DONE

Follow the schedule, tweak as necessary, but make it work. Do My Work. Bleh. fizzled and sunk.
Lose 30 pounds by December 1, 2014 REALLY fizzled and sunk.
Exercise at least 3x a week for 25 minutes--keep log of total minutes/hours each week YES! Success here!
Fill my book shelf, 100 pgs a week YES!!  Filled to overflowing and that’s not even counting Library books or Kindle! SUCCESS!
DO MY WORK.  Work for at least 4 hours total each week.  48 min on, 12 min off. Fizzled and sunk.
Finish free craftsy class   DONE

Focus on the Main Bathroom  Not even close.  
New window
new ceiling fan/exhaust
new countertop
new shower surround??
Work for 30 min a week on yard.  Fill yard debris every other week. Hard to do, but we did pretty well on the yard this year, still a struggle for me because it’s so big!
Paint the exterior of home and re-caulk Nope

Fill envelopes monthly $500 Nope
Carry no debit cards in purse  off and on
Redo budget with new increased mortgage amount/cut costs elsewhere  DONE
Have emergency fund to goal by December Nope
Save for a new queen mattress set and pay cash DONE!!
scrape together enough to pay off $500 a month on furnace. Have it paid off by October 1, 2014. DONE!!

So most of my goals involving money or that cost a lot got put on hold this year when our ancient furnace finally died in February. So all the money headed to goals went to getting the new furnace paid off by the end of the year. That goal was reached by October! So I'm considering that a HUGE financial success this year. For this year's goals, I'm going to be careful not to set any that require a large amount of money. I'll have a wish list of house things I'd like to do, but not goals.

The other problem I ran into this year was setting goals that required specific amounts of time to reach. I need more performance types of goals rather than rigid "reach the number" goals. So I'm re-thinking that for 2015.

I did miss a lot of goals this year, but I also grew in so many ways. I'm going to say this goal list was a success for the most part because the goals I didn't reach, I now know why and can re-think 2015's goals.

How'd you do?

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  1. We revisit our goals again mid-year and reevaluate them based on any life changes that have happened since they originally were set :) It's tough setting goals because you never know what's going to happen! But it looks like you did a really good job getting lots done! And yay for paying off the furnace!


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