Stone Soup for Five: Challenge Care Packages for College Students

Challenge Care Packages for College Students

As an ongoing and direct result of the book Sticky Faith we, as a family, have "adopted" five college students from our church, friends, and family and are caring for them as much as we can.

Sticky Faith stressed how hard it can be for students, away from home and with all the huge changes and how alone so many of them feel.  So we've adopted them and designated part of our giving budget to minister to these students. 

At first I was kind of overwhelmed and didn't know where to really start.  So I talked to their moms and family and found out some of their likes, favorite treats, etc.


Because we're who we are... and I'm kind of a dork... I couldn't just send the normal care packages.

I have to do EXTREME care packages once in a while.

We call them CHALLENGE CARE PACKAGES, and they are a TON of fun.

The first Challenge Care Package was all about encouraging our adopted students to get to know someone from school a bit better,

 with a touch of awkward, 

and maybe a pinch of embarrassing.

I went to the dollar store and bought two place settings for each of the Challenge Care Packages.

They include:

plastic "silverware", plastic "crystal goblets", battery operated tea lights, silver plates, and a white plastic table cloth.

With all those fancy accoutrements we also included instructions and a $10 gift card to none other than Taco Bell.  Because I know you think FANCY when you think of the Bell.

We enclosed the following letter with the gift card... 

and then we waited.

And the pictures we got back were worth all the effort!

Both challenges were accepted and MET!

In fact, one of our students got an invitation to do it again at a grand opening for another Taco Bell near her school!

Because of the higher cost of these Challenge Care Packages, we only do them once every couple months, but it is worth it!

So now I have a challenge for you:

Adopt a college student of your own and send cards, letters, coffee cards, and occasionally a Challenge Care Package.  Think of the difference you can make in the life of one college student, who may be struggling,
thinking of walking away from church,
or maybe someone who doesn't even know Christ.
Start to form a relationship and share your life with someone who might otherwise be forgotten.

We have a lot more ideas for these fun packages, so adopt your student soon and I'll keep you posted on our new challenges!


  1. This is such a great idea. It is always so comforting to know that other people are willing to take time to look out for you. I have a child who lost her faith living away from home and it would have been nice to know that other people were interested in her welfare besides ourselves. Now the challenge is knowing how to win her back to Christ.

    1. That breaks my heart about your daughter. I'll be praying for your daughter! God is bigger and He can bring her back to Him! Thanks for the encouragement too, reminds me of why we are doing this!

  2. I love this so much! Great job encouraging college students. As a college minister, I'm always looking for new ideas. Have you done other challenge boxes? I'd love to hear more of your ideas.


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