Stone Soup for Five: Bullet Journal meets DIYfish?

Bullet Journal meets DIYfish?

I LOVE my Bullet Journal and have been using it for the last year with great results. I've learned so much about myself and procrastination, and to do lists, and have loved it.

But, me being me, I'm always looking to improve or learn or do it a different way.

And then I found DIYfish on Etsy.
Her planners seem kinda hard to figure out at first glance, but I messed with making my own version and have been LOVING it.
I did my version in a binder, which was great, but I missed my Bullet Journal and the free form-iness of it.

So I thought about a way to incorporate the two as best I can, and I think I really like it!!

The thing I love about DIY fish is the way you can see the month, the week, and the day all in one glance.  I knew I needed something similar. 

I played around until I found something that worked for my brain AND my Bullet Journal!

I printed out a hand drawn calendar grid, but lined it up like DIYfish does hers, with the month going down in veritical columns, so all your Mondays are lined up on the first row, all the Tuesdays on the second and so on.  It takes a second to think about it, but it really makes sense, and lines all your Monday's up with the weekly Monday.

I taped my monthly calendar onto a blank page, so I can write monthly goals on that, and the next blank page becomes my weekly page.  For the daily pages, I fold a page in half and lay it on top of the weekly page, so I can see monthly, weekly, and daily all at one glance.

On the back half of my daily page, I have a rough daily schedule of what I'd LIKE my day to go like. That is my INTENTION for the day.  It doesn't always work that way, but having a plan, really helps me when I lose focus on stupid things.  On the inside of my daily page I write notes and use it for my daily review of how I did and answer my daily questions of: How did I feel today?  What did I do well?  If I could live today over again, what would I do differently?  And then I journal if I want to, or sketch, etc.

On the half of the weekly page that is covered by my daily half page, I have my weekly goals.  So when I'm doing my daily pages, I can pull from there.

Now the cool part is, when that month is all done, I can fold the calendar page over all the weekly and daily pages and paper clip it together and it's all bundled neatly together!

On the edge of the calendar when it's folded over, I label the month with just a simple color and letter and it's easy to see where each month is for easy referral.

I'm going to be setting up my 2015 Bullet Journal like this, and will set up each month, week, and daily page at the front of the journal, then put in my Table of Contents after the months, and use the rest of my Bullet Journal as a commonplace book.

I love it!

I don't want to steal anything from DIYfish.  Her stuff is BRILLIANT and I higly recommend all of her inserts if you're working with a binder or filofax.  I just wanted to do something similar with my Bullet Journal.


  1. Thanks for your post! Is inspiring :)

  2. I love this! I have a similar set up but it requires two "books." It would be great to have everything all in one place. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Yes! This is EXACTLY what I wanted. I just discovered both DIY Fish and Bullet Journaling and I was really reluctant to spend MORE money on planner pages that I won't be consistent with. I also have a squared moleskin half-used that I was hoping to get more out of. This is absolutely BRILLIANT and I'll be setting up the same for the new yr. Yay!!!! ^_^

  4. Thank you for sharing! I've created my own version of this, based on how you have it set up. I use the weekly goals portion of the page for my meal planning (I plan each main meal of the day, and note what needs to be set-up for the following day, so I need a good amount of space). I also use the back of the month view to check off my daily routines. It works great!

  5. YOU are brilliant and I love these posts! Thank you for sharing what's working for you. Love the idea of being able to see the month AND the week AND the day all together, because that is a hang up for me too. Brilliant, I say.


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