Stone Soup for Five: DVD review--Journey to Jesus

DVD review--Journey to Jesus

I recently asked to receive the new DVD Curriculum Journey to Jesus from Tyndale House for a review.  I was interested to laern more about building friendships with Muslims and the differences in my faith and Islam.

I watched the DVDs with my sons, since the older two are taking an Anthropology class and learning about all different religions and we enjoyed it.

The DVD is presented in two different formats, one with a simple slide presentation with facts and information about Islam, and the second is a series of mini-dramas with different situations acted out, to give you a face to face feel of what it would be like to have conversations with Muslims, including some great questions that they have about Christianity.

The DVD also includes small group resources that can be printed out and used in a classroom or small group setting.

There was quite a few facts that we weren't aware of regarding the Islamic faith, and it was interesting learning how their religion compares with and differs from Christianity.

Definitely a great resource if you want to reach out to Muslims in your area and don't quite know where to start, or feel a little intimidated.  

*This review contains an affiliate link.  The DVD set was provided to me in exchange for an honest review from Tyndale House.

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