Stone Soup for Five: Around the web this week

Around the web this week

These blog posts either inspired me this week, encouraged me, or made me think differently about something.

Hope they do the same for you!

Weekly Questions for your Marriage ---> Great questions to ask your spouse, if you are organized enough to have a weekly meeting/walk/date.  I really need to do better here!

Take a Planning/Prayer Break --->  This blogger (who appears to be on a blogging break right now) takes weekly breaks/retreats. While that would be AMAZING, even a monthly break would be awesome.

Planning Retreat Questions --> Some printables and questions for you to think over when you do get to schedule that planning retreat.

Morning Questions  ---> Three great questions to ask each morning. Writing these down in my planner!

The New Greed ---> Some great thoughts on the new greed of technology in our lives. Very convicting! (As I ironically sit here on my computer, sharing the article.)

"Whatever we do for ourself, 
is what we are giving to our family."
 -Mia Redrick

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