Stone Soup for Five: Plan for the week--What's working and what's not

Plan for the week--What's working and what's not

Going back to my traditional boxes for the Bullet Journal this week.  The Mind Map trial still isn't over, but I find it easy to continue with this box/list version too.

What's working and what's not:

What's Working: It is crucial to do reviews on Friday or Saturday for my sanity and so I know exactly where the boys are.  Every one of them had "forgotten" to do things again this week, and some were huge.  If I don't do the review, then we start off Monday already behind and it's downhill from there.

What's not:  I was thinking that the Latin program would be a video/workbook class that I was miniminally involved in, but I can see that it's going to require more hands on for me and my youngest.  Which is fine, as I'd like to learn too, but it will require more intentionality with my mornings and tweaking my routine.

What's working: Pre-Prep on Saturday.   This is working AWESOMELY.  I take a couple hours to pre-cook, mix, chop, and store what I'll be using for the week.  It makes sticking to my menu super easy because most of the work is already done.

What's not:  The boys cannot continue to cook on the weeknights.  It just isn't working with school.  I'm taking that back for this week and putting them on dishes duty until I figure something else out.

Spiritual life:
What's working: The Prayer Notebook by Gina Garland is working well, though I'm nowhere near done yet.  It's nice to have some organization, and I REALLY REALLY love the small sized half binder.  Crazy LOVE it.

What's not: It's not working to wait till I feel like doing Bible reading or prayer, or doing stupid things first, like anything and everything online.  Last week was much better, but it is still a temptation to waste my precious morning time with stupid things.  Still tweaking my morning routine to do the BEST first.


  1. I feel you. I'm struggling to get going early. I could, I should, but I'm lazy. I say "tired" usually but I'm pretty sure it's discipline I'm lacking not rest. Thanks again for the reminder of WHO is really best. When He comes first...He takes care of the rest!

    1. I constantly need those reminders of putting Him first. Always.

  2. I wish I could figure out the Saturday prep part. That would be so nice. And I'm still struggling to get all of my youngest's school done each day. It's a process. ..

    1. I hear you Samantha, it took me a long time to get here. I started by just making ONE thing ahead on Saturdays. I would make one batch of French Toast to freeze for the week, then gradually added more and more. Some weekends I don't get to do the full prep, but when I do, my weeks go so much smoother. Just start small, and let me know how it goes!


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