Stone Soup for Five: 31 Days of Real--Day 9

31 Days of Real--Day 9

Discipline is hard for me.

In fact, since these posts are 31 days of REAL, I'll just go on out there and say it:  Discipline SUCKS.

I hate it.

I hate my lack of it...

I really enjoy writing and doodling the Bible studies.  But it's REALLY hard for me to make myself sit and do it.

I'd rather, "real quick" check email.  And facebook.  And pinterest.

And I better get my coffee.  And wipe up that mess.  And bleach the sink...

I'm great about THINKING about doing my work.

I'm EXCELLENT at end of day guilt about not doing my work.

I'm STELLAR about writing a PLAN to do my work.

But it is a BATTLE to sit and DO the work.

I've been stuck on 1 Corinthians for months and months now.

My goal is to be done by Saturday, October 11th.

2 days.

Time to get to work and stop THINKING about it.


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